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[Archived] Pet Peevs

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Almost anyone aged between 10-18, as they are arrogant, lazy and stupid. They also have a suicidal streak as they cross the road without looking on a green light. No wonder there are so many schools in Scarborough near the cremetorium.

Why narrow it down to that age range? Most people are like that in my experience.

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Honda Cars. They can invent a robot which can wander up and down steps in a Museum (which is obviously very useful) but they can't manage to work out how to stop my windscreen washers freezing up on a morning like this.

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People who turn into corners/change lanes without checking their mirrors.

People who can't be arsed to indicate and let me know what their intentions are.

People who say "I'm not having a go/being funny,BUT......<have a go/be funny>

ManUre fans who think they are so superior to everyone else, because their club has had a bit of success(and we 'bought' the title and they never have).

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People who don't know the difference between an adjective and an adverb, saying things like :-

He played brilliant (instead of brilliantly)

The ball was played through quick (quickly)

Love me tender (tenderly)

I blame Elvis. Well for the last one anyway.

We was (were)

We where (were)

Should of (should have)

They was (were)

Anyone under the age of 30 because none of them can pronounce "th."

Nuffing, somefing, firty, fanks, everyfing, twenty free, ........

Those that end every sentence with either "right" or "yeah."


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Rip off charges for mobile phone calls abroad.

People standing at the front of the riverside stand before a game and at half time. – needs a clear section to allow easy walk through.

All the different boxes & bags for recycling rubbish.

Too many adverts on telly

The price of soft drinks in pubs.

Mentioned earlier- people who nick disabled parking places because they’re too bloody lazy to walk a few more yards or they’re just nipping to the cashpoint

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When a call centre calls and asks for you, then wont tell you what its regarding until you answer security questions!! normally when that happens i ask if i can ask them a few security questions first and they get annoyed and say they'll send out a letter. funnily enough ive never recieved any of those letters!!

i also hate people in general

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I know it's not much, but people whose umbrellas have blown inside out and wrecked so they just drop them on the street.

Kids on bikes who go into shops and leave their bikes flat on their sides right in front of the shop door.

and in no particular order

Girls in white dresses and blue satin sashes,

Brown paper packages tied up with string,


schnitzel with noodles

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Coldplay, Lilly Allen, The Feeling and Razorlight. They are all so rubbish, bland, and in the case of The Feeling irritatingly twee.

The continuing existence of Chris Moyles

The Labour and Conservative Parties

People like Simon Mayo always saying US comedy is better than British comedy. It just isn't. Everybody Loves Raymond better than Black Books?

Americans who make an overly emotional speech at every event they particpate in (e.g getting through/kicked out of American Idol, winning an Oscar)

People mispelling my (real) surname.


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People like Simon Mayo always saying US comedy is better than British comedy. It just isn't. Everybody Loves Raymond better than Black Books?

Black Books is one of my all-time favourites! Everybody Loves Raymond is a show with unfunny quips and a "family value" lesson attached to it. British comedy in general is not rubbish at all and I enjoy quite a bit of what is imported from the BBC over here. There's some good and rubbish to go with the whole genre.

People mispelling my (real) surname.

People mispronouncing my surname, even though the spelling is pretty much Phonetic and its pronunciation is Anglicised for the convenience of others.

'There' being used instead of 'their'. Easy reminder, 'here and there' go together. I know, regrettably, the teaching of English is not a priority these days, but again, basic stuff.

All of that, but also the intentional mis-spellings (new word: disspelling?) of words all over the internet. People need to understand that languages have standards so everyone can understand each other's writings and to make the written word easier to learn. I don't mind an individual making the effort to learn their spelling, grammar, and convention, then using what they know to the best of their ability, but some of the things you see are ridiculous.

I doubt the standard of English (excepting "disspelling") is a "these days" thing, what with the greater emphasis and longer time spent in education. Which reminds me: the good old "things were better in the old days" rant is another pet peeve of mine!

And they have no idea what Christmas is truly about with many schools no longer producing traditional Nativity plays in the name of political correctness.

How about people who complain about "political correctness" when it comes to Nativity plays in schools? ;) As an atheist I would want to be able to send my child(ren) to a government school without participating in that rubbish (in my opinion). Fair enough, send your children to a Christian school or encourage your children to participate in community or church plays, if that is what you want.

There are also a whole lot of other stories out there - without the religious stories, connotations, motifs, and morals - which can teach and instill good values and the like.

Binge Drinking. ... What's the point? I enjoy the odd alcoholic drink but in fact indulge very rarely. Why put yourself in a position where you are not responsible for your own actions and have no recollection of events that you have paid a lot of money to attend or should be special occasions?

I can't understand the "drink 'til you drop" attitude myself. I like to remember my escapades. :P

I suppose I am really peeved at commercials on television too. These days I watch television very rarely. Only for sport and the odd show. I prefer DVDs for my visual viewing.

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