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[Archived] Chelsea 3 Blackburn Rovers 0

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Chelsea vs Blackburn Rovers

January 31 at Stamford Bridge

Part One: A history of Blackburn versus Chelsea – The Mark Hughes Reign

Premier League: Chelsea 4 – 0 Rovers, 23 October 2004

This was surely one of the darkest periods for the club under the now hailed as über manager Mark Hughes. The result came in the middle of a winless nine match streak and was the second consecutive 4-0 rout we had received.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho looked on as his team went on a rampage, with Eidur Gudjohnsen clocking up a hat trick and Damien Duff finishing us off for good. The First Incarnation of Jose Mourinho was truly a Special One.

IPB Image

Caption: Trust me, it gets a lot less flattering.

Just to show how dire our front two were that day, we had Paul Dickov and Youri Djorkaeff up front for the first 52 minutes. Their replacements were Jay Bothroyd and Jonathan Stead. None of them can be described as prolific goal scorers who can lead the line in the top flight. Benni McCarthy, Shabani Nonda, Matt Derbyshire, Jason Roberts, and Francis Jeffers makes much better reading. Dominic Matteo was also in the centre of defence that day too.

In post-match reaction, the following had to say what they had to say.

ozziejones: “For the first time in my memory, i didn`t want to see the highlights on telly. Its that bad.”

andy_f: “The atmosphere was awful - hardly any of our fans singing, and it was like that from KO. I was suprised at how loud the Chelsea fans were.”

philipl: “I haven't seen a newspaper report this morning which does not assume we will be relegated.”

Premier League: Rovers 0 – 1 Chelsea, 2 February 2005

Tiny Paul Dickov led the line up front against the behemoth that is the Blue Army and came close to salvaging a point with a determined effort. Dickov had his penalty kick saved by an in-form Petr Cech. All of the players put in 100% by closing down the opposition all over the park and covering gaps in defence.

However, while Rovers fans were praising a terrific performance against the eventual Premiership champions, the national media took upon the role of Chelsea Pravda to disseminate the deluded ramblings of a man who refused to believe that anyone could come as close to making the champions look like chumps as the blue and white outfit. The club has never fully recovered in terms of reputation.

Mark Hughes said: “I was upset that the opposing manager was not gracious enough to shake my hand. Sometimes you have to be gracious in defeat but you also have to be gracious in victory. I have no idea why. Perhaps he was too busy on the field with his players. Whether or not he was upset because they were not allowed to play the kind of football they wanted to play I don't know, but we did not overstep the mark, absolutely not.”

Retorted Mourinho: “They felt they couldn't beat us playing football so they tried to beat us in a different way – direct football, first ball, second ball, being nasty and hard and trying to intimidate players. During the afternoon it rained only in this stadium – our kitman saw it – they tried everything. There must be a microclimate here.”

“It was difficult for us against a team who had a special attitude. If I was polite I would call it a special attitude. The blond boy in the middle made 20 faults and no yellow card. It's difficult to control emotions.”

The Second Incarnation of Jose Mourinho, the Mouth of the South, had spoken.

IPB Image

Caption: The Special glow has gone. He is starting to look rather silly now.

Post-match reaction was on the positive side, although there were some concerns over the long term future of Superman Brad Friedel.

Teemu: “There's some certain class in there and I'm sure they're just gonna get better if Hughes stays at helm.”

LA Rover: “I think it's time we accept that Brad's stellar play of 3 years ago (league and World Cup), may have set the bar a bit high in terms of our expectations.”

Fife Rover: “What a great effort from ALL the boys! What other team in the Premiership has given Chelsea such a fright?”

Premier League: Chelsea 4 – 2 Rovers, 29 October 2005

This was a regulation defeat against the eventual champions of the 2005/06 season. However, it was a good performance from the Rovers. New signing Craig Bellamy put in a terrific performance and scored two goals, taking the score at 2-2 at some stage. However, it was not enough to secure any points.

The Third Incarnation of Jose Mourinho was spreading the love.

IPB Image

Caption: Those were the days, eh?

The post-match reaction

philipl: “Second defeat against a big city club in which I feel we lost to the referee as much as to the opposition.”

Mattyblue: “Very proud of the lads yesterday. Travelling back I was in great spirits. If we play like that against most sides we will win a hell of a lot of matches. Lampard and Essien (I thought they were outstanding) aside we matched most of their players.”

RevidgeBlue: “Personally I wish we had another nine moaning minnies like Cole and Bellamy.”

Premier League: Rovers 1 – 0 Chelsea, 2 May 2006

Finally things went our way and the lads put in a performance that had Ewood Park and the Blackburn End rocking to the tune of victory. Robbie Savage put in a brilliant free kick from the Riverside and was only denied a goal thanks to the ball shaving Steven Reid’s bald head. Savage was so pumped up and excited that he celebrated with the Riverside and got booked for his efforts.

Mourinho, no doubt relaxed from the relief that his team had already captured the Premiership trophy, was somewhat humble and conceded that perhaps Blackburn deserved a UEFA Cup place, although he was ready with the excuses.

“Two penalties, that is 100 per cent - for sure. Maybe a third. I've had a difficult ride in the season in relation to this. We have survived, but this was too much. Blackburn deserve to be in Europe – they have done fantastically well to be here. But they don't deserve to win like this.”

“They play in different ways. They have fast people in attack, they counter-attack, they play well down the wings, solid defence – it's a good team and they deserve to be where they are. I remember last season when we played them at Stamford Bridge they were bottom of the league, but one-and-a-half years later they are in the UEFA Cup.”

Thus said the Fourth Incarnation of Jose Mourinho, the Humble One.

IPB Image

Caption: Eating at Sparky’s Place. Apologies to the cartoonist.

Hero Savage said: “What we have achieved is massive. A lot was made about me coming here to a smaller club from Birmingham – and I am sorry my old club went down. But I'm glad I made the right decision to come to Blackburn, and now we can have a nice summer.”

The post-match reaction could not have been any more positive.

1864roverite: “When jose moanalot stands there in his potuguesian arrogant manner and says Blackburn DESERVE it then it has to be well received, I wonder if that prat RFW would ever come out and congratulate us in the same manner.”

Hughesy: “Great night, great performance, great season, great manager, great back room staff, great team, great atmosphere last night.”

ozziejones: “I am correct when I assume that when the Chelsea fans sang "Stand up for the champions", they were singing directly to SWP,Crespo and all the other falling over merchants?”

Premier League: Rovers 0 – 2 Chelsea, 27 August 2006

This game was memorable for Andre Ooijer’s debut, for which he was directly responsible for the two goals conceded. Exactly how much he was responsible for the first goal where he conceded a penalty to Chelsea captain John Terry is debatable, because he did milk the hold for more than it was worth.

Explained Mourinho: “The rules are very clear; if a defender pushes or pulls or keeps contact for more than two or three seconds it's a penalty.”

The referee was also felt to have played his part in playing the favourites in this match by at least some. Savage in particular was wrongly booked early on and had to walk on eggshells for the whole game, taking away from the team’s harrying instinct.

IPB Image

Caption: The Fifth Incarnation of Jose Mourinho, the Referee. R.I.P. Anders Frisk’s career.

In other post-match reaction

Hughesy: “Tugay is the heartbeat of our midfield and you will notice that when he returns.”

FourLaneBlue: “Still, Ooijer I'm certain will show just why he is so highly rated by Hughes. It was always going to be difficult for him, being shoved into a team like that immediately after signing.”

Eddie: “McCarthy obviously feels the need to drop deep to create something, which isn't great, but if we could get a better link between the defense to midfield and then to the attack we might see him staying where he should be.”

Carling Cup: Rovers 0 – 2 Chelsea, 25 October 2006

Hughes’ 100th game ended in defeat as Rovers capitulated to a full strength Chelsea team.

Comments from the message boards

Hughesy: “I expected us to Lose and i think that we would be best concentrating on Europe instead”

pleasure: “i thought we shaded the 1st half, but looked jiggered in the 2nd. henchoz, bentley (in CM role) and peter were terrific.”

thenodrog: “Despite and against my earlier judgements Bentley is really maturing into a big player for us. A bit more robust in the tackle and he'll be a real player.”

Part Two: Premier League, Chelsea vs Blackburn at Stamford Bridge, 31 January 2007

After the 2-1 loss to Watford, who notched their second league win this season, it might be safe to say that not too many of us are expecting anything out of this performance. Of course, we will be willing the team to gather all three points, but it is not a result that will be season defining. Currently Blackburn sits tenth in the Premier League table.

On the other hand, Chelsea is six points off leaders Manchester United and they will be expecting to win this game to stay well in the Premiership race. The situation at Chelsea right now is not healthy for a club that has had hundreds of millions of pounds in blank cheque money pumped into it. The owner Roman Abramovich has been rumoured to have a large, even superceding, say in the purchases the club makes in the transfer market.

Mourinho is currently upset and very sad that he is not getting the reinforcements he needs by way of backing in the transfer market this January transfer window The team has little in the way of recognised centre backs and is desperately lacking up front, especially when injuries hit. It is laughable for his squad to be lacking in any department and you just have to wonder whether he is very bad at being very funny, much like this preview, and much like clowns.

Behold the Sixth Incarnation of Jose Mourinho, the Sad Clown.

IPB Image

Caption: The clever references ended at the Second Incarnation.

Meanwhile, the Blackburn Rovers squad is desperately lacking with a whole host of injuries. Take a proper gander at this list:

- Ryan Nelsen

- Robbie Savage

- Steven Reid

- Francis Jeffers

- Andre Ooijer

- Jason Roberts

In one way it is not a match to excite us, but in another way it can. Waiting to make their debut is former Liverpool left back Stephen Warnock and Ewood favourite and born-again Rover David Dunn. Perhaps at least one of them will be brought in to fill the shortcomings of the team in the Watford match. They are both excellent signings who can make an impact and it will be interesting to track their progress during the rest of the season.

Onwards and upwards…

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Some advice for any Rovers fans driving to Stamford bridge.

There are some major roadworks in the area causing early evening gridlock every night.On matchdays you

could be stuck for a couple of hours.Cab drivers will not go near Stamford bridge on matchdays.

Heres the solution,head towards the ground from Knightsbridge along Fulham rd until you reach the

Chelsea and Westminster hospital on the left.It has a big cheap underground car park,with the ground a 15

minute walk down Fulham rd.

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Excellent preview.

At full strength we would give Chelsea a real fright. But our recovering players and Dunn not ready and the recent run of injuries, this will be damage limitation against a Chelski side recovering the knack of playing together.

This could be embarassing- Chelsea 5 Rovers 1

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Chelsea 5 Blackburn Reserves 0

considering the list of injured players, i think it's not worth risking our remaining first team players in a game that we won't win.

I think we'll do better than expected,maybe a 2-1 defeat.

0-0 i'll be over the moon,but i think Chelsea will be far to good for us, and they can't afford any more slip ups, plus they say John Terry will be back, that's an added boost for them if he his.

Yeah, i'll stick with that

Chelsea 2 v Rovers 1.

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depends on who starts in midfield. i would go 4-5-1 and play the axe, or samba or somebody else in the holding role, and Dunny could then get a start in the centre of midfield. i'm assuming of course, that we havent pulled a new midfielder out of sparky's hat by then.


Chelski 3

Rovers 0

(and axe to start with tugay in a 4-4-2 midfield)

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You would have to be bloody bonkers to go this game! Mid-week, all the way down in London annd £48 a ticket for a game will prob loose, maybe by a good few goals as well. 2-0 chels, and i wont be anywhere SB, i would question other people's sanity who are!

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Cannot see us coming away from the Bridge with a win or a draw. Hopefully we will give it a decent go and not get stuffed.

Travelling down by National Express which is costing me £2 return so the £48 ticket price does not seem as bad.

Should be in the Slug & Lettice outside Fulham Broadway Tube for about 2 o'clock and staying at St Christphers Village at London Bridge.

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