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[Archived] Bayer 3 Rovers 2


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OMG! How the are we losing this. Roberts is off the pace, i think Benni has fallen asleep. But we have still created 6 or 7 chances that should have been goals!

The goals we have let in are 2 of the worst all season. Not quite sure what nelsen is trying to do with the second but brad had it covered by along way and it was an awful shot.

We should easily win this in the second, Nonda or Gally on for Jase and Sergio on for moko

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oh ffs. two incredibly unlucky goals and it's 2-1 at half time. it's been an entertaining game so far. we've looked very exposed at the back which has invited Leverkusen to shoot, and their second goal especially was just very poorly conceded. on he other hand we've made a lot of excellent attacks, and should have scored more. Bentley (what a freekick!) and Dunn have been very good. the miss in the first minute though by Benni I think it was was unforgivable, you can't miss like that in europe, especially in an away game.

we got the important away goal, but we most definitely shouldn't be losing this game. C'mon lads...

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Dunny is doing nothing. He's a fish out of water out on the left. Roberts is having a nightmare and Benni needs a kick up the bum. We need a proper winger out left. Don't know the answer but we should be able to thrash that useless defence of Bayer's.

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