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[Archived] Intertoto 2007/08


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Newcastle's pace really worries me about Saturdays game. Owen, Martins, Dyer, Milner all have pace to burn.

I also have a tenner on 0-0 at 10/1 so it will be extra special if it ends up like this however the result for Rovers will always be better than money.

B011ocks....Come on Newcastle!!

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Newcastle were absolutely dire there.

Titus Bramble. :huh:

It's now nearly official. We need to beat Newcastle and Reading and let ourselves lose to Spurs. We also need Everton to beat Pompey and Notlob to win another game somewhere.

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So many complications. This effectively means that as long as we beat Reading Newcastle wont overtake us from.

On the other hand, Everton vs Portsmouth is a big game, and Spurs need to win pretty much at least 2 of their games at least. Bolton must win one more and all those conditions fulfilled will mean we have Intertoto Cup football. Confused?

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Or just win all our games and hope

Not that simple. Beating Spurs could be the result that stops us getting into the Intertoto.

We simply can't afford for Pompey to beat Everton on Saturday.

Eddie - Reading only have 2 games left , us and Watford at home.

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Tut tut, after I'd taken the time to type it all out for you. <_<

Remaining Fixtures:-

BOLTON - West ham away , Aston Villa home

EVERTON - Portsmouth home , Chelski away

PORTSMOUTH - Everton away , Arsenal Home

TOTTINGHAM - Charlton away , Rovers home , Man City home

READING - Watford home , Rovers away

ROVERS - Newcastle away , Tottingham away , Reading home

NEWCASTLE - Rovers home , Watford away

Everton V Portsmouth - 5th May - Really need an Everton win, especially as they are away at Chelski the week after.

Rovers V Reading - 13th May - Possibly a game only a win will do for both of us.

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If all those fixtures are home wins, Rovers qualify for the Intertoto.

Bolton are the team I have a horrible feeling could blow up and let either Pompey or Reading into 5th to 7th.

Everton not losing to Pompey is far more massive for us then any of our fixtures until we play Reading.

Rovers v Reading is simply a must win.

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As people as rightly pointing out it will come down to the Rovers Reading game. It is a must win, well as for as the intertoto is concerned.I have to say it's far too complicated really. We are not just relying on one or two results we are relying on four or five different games.

1st: Everton need to beat Portsmouth. I'll assume they are losing at Celsea so that's 3 points for them.

2nd: Bolton need 3 points from W'ham away and Villla at home. They have a good chance of that.

3rd: Spurs can lose at Charlton and beat us and City at home. Very feasible. 6 points for them.

4th: Portsmouth to lose at Everton, but can beat Arsenal. 3 points.

5th: Reading are the problem. They will beat Watford. That means we need to beat them.

6th: All we need to do is beat Reading. We can lose at Newcastle and Spurs - those games are meaningless. Apart from the Spurs game which is a must lose game!

If all that happens the table looks like this:

5th: Spurs 59 points

6th: Bolton 58 points

7th: Everton 57 points - (good goal difference)

8th: Reading 57 points

9th: Portsmouth 56 points

10th: Blackburn 'say we are intertoto' Rovers 50 points.

11th: Villa - they'll win one, lose one.

So it's easy really.

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6th: All we need to do is beat Reading. We can lose at Newcastle and Spurs - those games are meaningless. Apart from the Spurs game which is a must lose game!

Unless getting beaten by Newcastle means they finish above us!

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2nd: Bolton need 3 points from W'ham away

The form West Ham are in i doubt that notlob will get 3 points, unless they get the new manager effect :blink:

I reckon a draw at best and that means they are on 56 points and in the intertoto. This could be a rare situation where i support notlob. I think spurs have it in the bag, probably win all 3 games. Everton should just scrap through and then it's down to us beating reading.

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Hi there

Please just tell me one thing. Are we going to play each other again this summer? We may show you this time how to play well.

Can U explain me the rules for enter Intertoto Cup by English teams? How many places? and when?

So far... Man U , Chealsa, Liverpool, Arslenal will play in Champions League. Bolton, Reading and Everton in Uefa Cup. How many English teams go to Intertoto? As far as I understand just one team from each country.

At the cup...

I round 23.06, 30.06

14. Lithuana (Vėtra Wilno) - Wales (Llanelli AFC)

II round 7.07, 14.07

L. winner 14 - Poland (Korona Kielce, Wisla Krakow, or Legia Warszawa)

III round 21.07, 28.07

winner L - England

U will definitely see Polish team at the third round. Which English team plays Intertoto Cup this season? Portsmouth or Tottenham...

The team that finishes eighth in the Premiership will be offered the chance to enter at the third-round stage.

The winners of the tie, to be played over two legs, will then secure a place in the Uefa Cup.

Wales' representatives will come in at the start on 23-24 June against a side from Lithuania, and will face a Polish side in the second round.

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Guys U have no chances for 8th place. 2 more games and U are 6 points behind. Are u counting on Portsmouth and Tottenham losses in both matches?

As long as Portsmouth and Reading stay out of the automatic places, we go into the Intertoto. Portsmouth and Reading haven't entered.

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Catch up lads! Wikipedia sums it up easily:

Any club which wishes to participate must apply for entry, with the highest placed club (by league position in their domestic league) at the end of the season entering the competition. The club does not necessarily have to be ranked directly below the clubs which have qualified for another UEFA competition; if the club which is in this position did not apply, they will not be eligible to compete in the Intertoto Cup, with the space instead going to the club which did apply.

We think deadline day for entry has already passed and Portsmouth and Reading have NOT applied.

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