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[Archived] Derby Preview

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Derby County FC come to Ewood on Saturday 3rd May KO at 15:00.

Derby have one thing in common with Rovers - both clubs were founder members of the football league that started on 8th

September 1888.

Preston; Bolton; Everton; Accrington; (not Stanley) Aston Villa; West Brom; Wolves; Notts County; Stoke; and Burnley were the others.

One thing we don't have in common is that we still play in pretty much the same kit that we started with. Shame Derby don't.


The club currently has three ex-Rovers players on its books: Andy Todd - famed for being sent off & booked lots &

*accidentally* elbowing Robin van Persie in that semi at Cardiff, (and playing for the same club his dad was at); Jay MacEveley

- famed for putting Beckham into the advertising hoardings at Ewood (Hurrah to the both of them;) and Robbie Savage - one of those players who everyone loves to hate until they arrive at your club. Here's Robbie in his new kit:


Current contenders for the halibut entrails award for abject failure in the Premier League are:

Swindon in 1993-94 who conceded an amazing 100 goals, (the record) but they did score 47 in return and got 30 points.

Ipswich in 1994-95 who let in 96 but scored 36 and got 27 points

Sunderland in 2005-06 who let in 69, scored 26, collected a paltry 15 points

Derby are seemingly heading towards undercutting that 15 points and, on 30th March after a 2-2 draw at home to Fulham,

were relegated. It appears that no other club has actually managed to get relegated before April.

Pre-Premier league it's a bit difficult to make comparisons as there were different numbers of games played, and some time

before that there were just 2 points for a win. (But just out of local interest, Darwen were relegated from The Football

league in 1891-1892 with 11 points. There were only 14 teams in the league so only a maximum 52 points. In 1899, when they were

in the Second Division, Darwen won only two games, scored 2 goals and conceded 144 in 34 matches.)

Derby have won just one game all season. At home to Newcastle United on 17th September (stop sniggering at the


They sacked their manager Billy Davies in November 2007 and installed Paul Jewell. It might have been a mistake

as Jewell has won no games at all.

"You won no games at all. Not a sausage. Bugger all. Are you at all disappointed with this performance?" (points for

spotting this particular reference.)

Their most recent results have been:

Away at Everton on 6th April - lost 1-0, which was probably a disappointment for The Toffees

A 0-6 home defeat to Villa on 12th April. This was the third time they have conceeded 6 &

they have also let in 5 twice. They have so far conceded 76 goals and scored a miserable 17

Last weekend on 19th April was a 2-1 defeat at West Ham.

This evening (Monday 28th April) Arsenal visit Pride Park. The bookies have got the odds on Derby winning at 10/1; a draw at 4/1; and an

Arsenal win at 1/4. Arsenal won 5 - 0 at Ashburton Grove

Derby then come to Ewood & finish the season on Sunday 11th May with a home game to Reading.

The Guardian 19-3-2008

Derby have been embarrassingly out of their depth in the Premier League.

With that in mind, Paul Jewell last week offered little hope to the clubs pursing promotion. "The gap between top and

bottom in the Premier League is getting wider, without a doubt," said Jewell, who is still looking for his first Derby

victory. "I heard someone say that because there are three Championship teams in the FA Cup semi-finals the gap is

getting smaller. I don't know what they've been drinking but I could do with some of it just now."

During the second half of that 0-6 stuffing by Villa the crowd at Pride Park the crowd managed to make a Mexican

wave circulate for no less than than 5 times. They have also sold 19,000 season tickets for next season. This may

indicate that Derby fans read the league table upside down.

I went to our away game at Pride Park on 30th December. It's a decent ground, albeit in a Wigan/Bolton mould of being in

a "retail park" and a bit soulless outside. Derby went ahead with a goal from Matt Oakley, Brad saved a

penalty taken by Steve Howard, and then RSC & Bentley scored to give us the points. My mate Pete's five year old,

who was popping his Rovers' cherry, dropped his half time hot-dog, and thought it was too noisy, & got all upset.

He was clinging on to his match day programme for weeks afterwards. So that's another one signed up.

There is a bit of a move afoot around Derby to make the trip to Ewood an Hawaiian beach party theme,

so maybe the inside of the Fernhurst will look like this:


Of course we'll lose.

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Yes. Hope Sav gets the applause he deserves. And then I hope he has a stinker.

I'm sure it will be Tugay's last game at Ewood. Let's give him the send off he deserves. An appearance from the bench is his best bet.

Last home game - make some noise and enjoy the day. Let's not fall flat.

We should win. So prepare for loss or draw.

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I had a think about this. If we pick our best side and bench Tugay is going to struggle to get in. I would imagine we will go 4231 again to start, with the only real change of maybe moving Bentley out right and Cruz into the centre and maybe swapping Emerton and Reid. The strogest bench on that basis would probably be: Brown, Ooijer, Dunn, Derbyshire, McCarthy. So for Toogs to get on the bench he will have to hope for either some injuries or a bit of compassion from Hughes.

That said I am sure hughes knows how the fans feel so will probably sacrifice someone on the bench. But then if we are drawing or losing I can easily see Hughes not bringing him on.

You do get the feeling that Tugay maybe left it one season too long to retire? Shame he sort of fizzled out. Seeing as its Derby I would be tempted to let him start and get him to go out with a bang. But then thats probably asking to lose...

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Colin, what an entertaining read but, for me, how could you not have mentioned these three things involving Rovers and Derby.

Simon Garners 5 goal haul against them.

Rovers 4-2 home 1st lg play off comeback and David Speedies finest perfomrance in a blue and white shirt.

Rovers stirling away performance in the away leg at Pride Park when a certain Kevin Moran scored Rovers away goal to send us to Wembley.

For me, it has to be 4-4-2 on the field. Rovers have got to win this game and hope for a Villa slip up.

Looking forward to saying "tara" to Savage. Yes he is a bit of a t*t, but he gave his all for Rovers and he deserves a decent send off. Nothing against either McEveley or Todd should either play on the green grass of Ewood Park.

Definately for me, Tugay has to feature. I cannot see him surviving the end of season cull as Mark Hughes and Co make plans for next years assault in the league and both domestic cups. he has to be one of the shrewdest buys ever at Ewood and a win would be a fitting finale in a Rovers shirt.

This is a game that Rovers can ensure at least an 8th spot placing. A win of say 3-0 and a City loss at Anfield will see us finish above them, add that to another Fulham miracle result and we could go 7th.

Santa at the double with a Roberts opener.

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Colin, what an entertaining read but, for me, how could you not have mentioned these three things involving Rovers and Derby.

Simon Garners 5 goal haul against them.

Rovers 4-2 home 1st lg play off comeback and David Speedies finest perfomrance in a blue and white shirt.

Another recent one not often mentioned - a Cup replay when we were Div 1 and Derby in the Prem, so 7 or 8 years ago I would think. Draw at Ewood so adjourn to a chilly night at Pride Park. Not looking too hopeful at ht : 1-0 down. Cue one of our better second half displays and we won 5-2 to choruses of '5-2 to the Nationwide' from a decent following. What a good manager that Souness was ;) .

Meanwhile, Derby to get their second win of the season on Saturday. You just know it's going to happen.

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of course we bloody will.

Savage and McEveley to score, Savage to be booed roundly for no reason other than being Robbie Savage

I think he will probably get a little bit of light booing at some point just for the banter... all in good humour tho, and he'll understand that it's just a laugh.

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Good points made by all about bits & pieces I've missed. But I had to stop somewhere!

Currently Derby 2 - Arsenal 4

Ooops 2-6 now.

11 - 2 on aggregate

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Lovely preview Colin and what a shirt!!!

Having watched the Arsenal win at Derby, the lesson for Rovers is to pressurise the Derby players and the mistakes will come. Roque and Roberts are both very good at running between defenders and the Derby central defence is like well spaced traffic cones. Final lesson is get the shots on target unlike Arsenal who were ridiculously profligate despite scoring 6.

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After watching the 2nd half of tonight's game I will be embarased if we don't score at least 5. They were trully appalingly bad. Savage seemed to be played in lead boots, he never went above walking pace as far as I saw. I think all 3 ex-Rovers should be due a good reception on Saturday, particularly Todd who was a big player for us for a couple of seasons.

Prediction - 2:1 Rovers.

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If this is Tugays swansong, then let him free to do whatever he wants on the pitch. Derby are crap, and I can only see us scoring at least 5, with Tugay scoring a hat-trick

Derby 'came up too soon' - looking at some of their performances this season, they came up too soon from the first division to the champoinship!

One of my best away games ever - Rovers play off against derby - Kevin Moran header - Rovers Fans everywhere and a little bit of argy bargy thrown in :wacko:

Happy days..................

One Love - BRFC

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Arsenal could have easily had double figures last night. It was like a training game.

I don't care how bad the players are - Jewell has to take some responsibility for that. There was a totally lack of passion and very little organisation. There was a chance for Eboue where Arsenal just crossed it from the left, and Derbys right-back and right sided centre back were just nowhere to be seen. Then Walcott missed a one-on-one when the defence just opened up to a simple through ball. There were countless other chances.

We've been good against the rubbish teams this season - so I think we'll win 4-1.

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