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[Archived] League Cup

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Anyone else watching. Not a bad game on Sky. Dingles winning though.

Good to see they made had work of it. 6-3 up so far but had to go through extra time. Hopefully they'll be knackered for Palace. Keep them drawing. Usually draws equate to nothing in that league.

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If Megson plays that side at Ewood we will hammer them,shocking to watch.

Not looking forward to the visit of their fans,only ever time I've seen riot police have to be deployed in the New Ewood on their last visit <_<

Yep, remember it well SG194. We will need to hide the rubbish bins and cancel the buses.

However you seem to have forgotten those drunken violent fans yobs from Celtic who brought shame upon their team. That Celtic game is the best reason why the likes of Celtic and/or The Gers should never be allowed into the EPL. Best fans in Europe/The World my @rse....drunken scum more like it.

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