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[Archived] Was yesterday the start of The Great Escape?

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Is there anybody out there that thinks yesterday was the start of the Great Escape?

I don't want to sound like Chrome Dome himself but...

Spurs - Spurs are 15th in the form table with 6 points from 6 games (shame we are 18th in the same table with 3 points from 6 games). More than this though, surely we must back ourselves against a team that has just rolled over for two teams in Norwich and QPR that we have been better than every time we have played them this season.

Wigan - I can't remember us not beating Wigan at home - I have just checked and we have beat them the last 5 times we have played them in The Premiership at Ewood Park. No disrespect to Wigan but it's one of them games that if we don't win then we deserve to get relegated.

Chelsea - It's all about how much the game means to Chelsea. If they can't climb up or down the league and the game is sandwiched between the FA Cup Final and Champions League Final then the game becomes a totally different proposition.

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Unfortunately no. I wish I could see a way out but I can't. We need to win two of the last three games I think to even have a chance. To be honest I can't see us beating Wigan at Ewood. I wasn't at the game yesterday but our starting line up was by far the weakest team ( both in terms of physical strength and playing ability ) we've fielded for a long,long while.

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I am feeling more optimistic.

Wigan is winnable, Spurs is a write-off, we'll get smashed as they and their strikers rediscover their form as is the norm v Rovers, leaving Chelsea which is our joker in the pack :

I don't think Chelsea will give a feck about that game one way or the other as the Barca result will either p1ss them off or put them in protective mode ahead of the final on Sat 19 May, add to that the glory or dismay from FA Cup Final on Sat 5 May, a league trip to Liverpool on Tues 8 May and almost certain failure to qualify for next season's CL through 2011/12 PL, they will be flat out on their feet and, highly likely, totally p1ssed-off.

So, we get hammered at Spurs 4-1, beat Wigan 3-1, and beat Chelsea 2-1 leaving us on 37 points with a GD of 26.

I expect QPR to sneak a point at Chelsea (following efforts of Chelsea in Barca), draw with Stoke at home and lose at City by 4 goals. Gives them 36 points and a GD of -22.

Expect Wigan to get a point against the Geordies and beat Wolves (they always win last match when needed) to give them 38 points and a GD of -26.

Think Bolton are in big, big trouble, point @ Villa, nowt @ Sunderland, nowt @ home to Spurs, forlorn point @ home to WBA and a stuffing at Stoke leaving them on 32 points.

So, we escape by a point.

Lost money on last three matches betting against Rovers so £20 going on them to stay up @ 3/1.

Happy days !

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Too much to recover from over the course of the season. I have little confidence that we will beat Wigan, and virtually none that we will get anything at Spurs/Chelsea.

Going down, I'm afraid- despite the Steve Kean Celebratory Media Roadshow rolling in once again after gaining a rare win.

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Not a chance. That ended when Wigan beat arsenal.

In my opinion it ended after Bolton beat us at home before Christmas, and Kean didn't loose his job ;)

Shocking decision.

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its not over, until its over, three games to go,

Results never went our way with QPR winning, but we are not down or safe yet.

We can just concentrate on our 3 games and hope and pray we can get a couple of wins from them,

Many more twist and turns to come, yesterdays performance was polished and everyone on the pitch rolled their sleeves up and put a massive shift in. Kean also got his tactics bob on, so credit where credit is due

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Whilst there is a mathamaticly chance of escaping, there is always hope. I think it possible we may get a draw at Chelsea. But they are not going to want to lose their last match at home. But may settle for a draw. Spurs out of form currently. But teams always rediscover it against Rovers. But I think either chelsea or spurs, rovers may have a shock result against one of them. Should beat wigan. But I have horrible feeling it will be too tence for both sides and will result in a draw. Which could rsult in both being relegated.

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No , we deserve to go down !

Last season we got lucky...


Venky's failure to sack Kean as early as last season has cost us our Premier League status.

31 points from 35 games is, quite frankly, an embarrassment.

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Maybe Stevie has been right all along with the twist and turns in this battle - Kean really upbeat post match, thinks we have an excellent chance of staying up.

There's little doubt that we've now emerged from a sticky patch and he's turned it around.

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