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[Archived] ''the Magic Of The Cup'' ~ Fa Cup Thread 2016/17 Edition

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We'll get a modest Prem team at home and it'll be cat A+ right on the back of the Newcastle match so it'll be another low home turnout v big away support. Other fans and media will mock but suits at Ewood will rejoice - kerching.

I'm thinking Boro or Sunderland.

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Stand outs are the likes of Barrow, Sutton United, Stanley, Eastleigh/Halifax. I'd be happy with Plymouth/Port Vale/ Stourbridge/Northampton/Cambridge for the new ground syndrome.

To be honest any League One/Two club home or away I'll be happy.

Last thing I want is a strong Championship side or mediocre Premier League side.

If we're going to get a Premier League game then Arsenal/Chelsea/United at home. No appetite at all to play dross like Sunderland, Boro or Stoke. No appetite to see us against another Championship club. Away at Reading/Cardiff/Brighton/Ipswich/Norwich makes me shudder.

I reckon it will be Leeds, Forest or Birmingham or some other boring away game.

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I'd like a trip to Barrow, but I have a feeling we'll get Bolton at Ewood.

Likewise I'd like a trip to Barrow. I always look to see how they are doing. A prestigious Lancastrian and ex football league club, good to see them on the way back. They still have the red rose of lancs on their badge. Plus I once played on their ground Holker St when I was younger!

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Really wouldn't want to face a team like that with our shower Stu

Why not? Massive draw, great atmosphere.

We'll go out ignominiously away at a second rate Championship club. May as well have been a Champions League club.

That said, they'll probably play their kids so it's a double-edged sword.

It's the only decent/interesting tie out of the whole draw. Pretty poor stuff really. Gutted for the minnows.

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Enjoy the West Ham game last season?

No thanks.

That was the last time I spent any money at Ewood.

Bought a table for 6 in Jack's Kitchen and was surrounded by Wham fans who took virtually all the other tables.

Rovers home support v Huddersfield was 7,850 if anyone is interested. I als understand we have sold 3K to date for Dumpdale.

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