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[Archived] Rovers 2 Sunderland 0


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Apologies for the loss of the normal preview, but because of unseen circumstances, this can't be done this time.

Surely we can beat the Mackems - they have one win and two draws from their entire programme, to date. This rovers team don't submit to the weaker teams quite as easily as they used to. Hopefully we wont witness a Sunderland side inspired to a 3-0 win at Ewood a couple of years ago.

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Surely we can beat the Mackems - they have one win and two draws from their entire programme, to date.


Old habits die hard. That used to be a prerequisite for a Rovers defeat. I think we'll see another Everton at Ewood in this match.

Rovers 0 - Sunderland 2


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However, we need shooting if we don't win this one and get our 4,000th goal in the process.


Phillip, (i) Is that 4,000th goals in all competitions since Rovers were formed?

(ii) What are we on now?

or(iii) Do you have a link to a statto site? or have you just been counting for the past 130 years? smile.gif

Anyway, Sunderland's away record this season is

P8 W1 D0 L7 F7 A15

The win was at Boro, which, as we all know, is as easy as falling off a log.

Our home record is

P8 W5 D1 L2 F13 A9

So a 2-1 win looks about the right score if past results are anything to go by.

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Getting my hopes up for a great crowd and a good win on Wednesday night. Usually means we lose. I'll try to spend the next two days being as pessimistic as possible.

Come on Rovers we can get the town on a high. Wins at Boro and Wigan plus Sunderland at home, then it's Portsmouth and QPR and the semis not far off. Now is the time for the team to sell itself to the missing support. We really need a home performance on Wednesday.

I'm going for 3 -1 but it won't be easy

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Tugays' suspended for this one, isn't he?


ye he is. Could be argued it was a good time for him to be missed. Doubt he could play 2 games in a row- and we are playing Sunderland.

Oh wait, we've failed to beat them since we returned to the premiership- in league and cup!

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I am not looking forward to the Mackems game, we will probably get beat like usual by them, more than likely 0-3.

I just got a feeling Steady boy might just make Sparky regret sellnig him to another Premiership side, just watch him get his first top-flight hat-trick against the side that gave him his big break.

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We WILL lose to Sunderland. I don't know how, I don't know why, but they WILL beat us. I've never been surer of anything in my life. The only hope we've got is that they haven't got Niall bloody Quinn any more to head all our shots off the line and then go up the other end to score (probably from his own crosses).

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Sunderland are so poor Rovers' academy team would give them a good game. An nice, easy 4-0 win.

Ewood-bound Mark Delaney scored for Villa today.


jim as long as you have been watching Rovers? You know better, or are you setting yourself up for a good moan? That must be it two improbable wins on the bounce and jimbo is feeling a bit depressed biggrin.gif

My feelings are we will blow it, and also you know it, you are just sharpening your daggers

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we`ll lose sunderland are our bogey team

no prem wins against tem


That's just plain not true.

Immediately the 1-0 win in the 96/97 season springs to mind, when Kevin Gallacher scored a volley from outside the box in the 80th minute or so.

Might be more, who knows?

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I have a horrible feeling:

B-Burn 1-1 Sunderland (Dont know why, gut feeling with the point they got today. It would be B-Burn dominated though)


Goals by- Pedersen 15

Jonny cant score to save his life Stead( Please not)82

I hope-( realistic)

B-Burn 3- Sunderland-0

Emerton, Bellamy, Kuqi

Att- 25,000

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It would be a massive victory to lift us onto 27 points at the halfway mark. But I can see us drawing or even losing and that would erase the hard work from last night!

Come on Rovers.

No Tugay will be a blow, as his passing at home is one of our strengths.

Notice how he was closed down big-time in the first half yesterday and couldnt do much, until the second time when he had more time and space and he looked at home with his range of passing. A true LEGEND.

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