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[Archived] Birmingham City 2-1 Rovers


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That was the first game in ages that I have been to and despite the result I really enjoyed myself. Feels like I have been bitten by the bug again. The atmosphere was cracking and there were loads of songs that I hadn't heard before, nice to see different songs being sung and loads of people joining in. (Even come home with no voice)

It wasn't a cracking match but there were some moments that made me remember why I love going to watch them. It looked like there was some passion back amongst the team. It didn't all look so hopeless.

Today's game was a close one to home for me but I wouldnt have objected to driving a 200 mile round trip to see that game tonight. Games at the start of the season made me question the amount of money/ time/ energy i was spending on them.

We might have lost but we are higher in the table than i ever could have imagined possible this year.

Only problem is the amount of abuse I will get off the children at work on Monday! That's the problem teaching in Birmingham!

Can't wait for the City game now.

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I always enjoy seeing some of the great knee-jerk reactions on here. In a strange way they always make me feel more positive, by reading some of the overly negative stuff it gets it all out of my own system and become a bit more optimistic. Please, can a few more people predict relegation and tell us how we are probably the worst team in the league. Forget about the past 34 games, just go on the last 90 minutes.

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Have to agree Eddie , all praise when were wining then we lose and it's all doom , just think where we were 12 months ago and thanking god we were safe from relegation, we have come along way in a short time with Hughes, but please dont expect miracles at this rate we will be asking to be Premiership champions next season

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I decided to miss the game tonight and went to Llandudno to see Morrissey smile.gif now i havent seen the higlights yet, only read match reports and this thread...but talk about knee jerk reactions!!!! 'were gonna be where brum are now this time next season' and 'Hughes management is falling apart' JESUS CHRIST GET A GRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We arent Barcelona and we do have some crap players in some positions, we have had a good season, Hughes has done a great job, yes its not been the best few weeks but thats football, get over it! Weve seen it before and we will see it again.

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I always enjoy seeing some of the great knee-jerk reactions on here.


I'm going up into the attic with the noose now. Goodbye. It's been nice chatting to you.

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Terrible first half. Neill had his worst game in ages, yes wrong side I know. Don't play him there again. I thought we were much the better side second half, Bellers takes that chance, game over. I too will think we will capitulate to the end of the season, hey what can I say I'm a Rovers fan, false hope springs eternal.

Whatever, it's been a cracking season I for one have enjoyed it. A tweek here a tweek there and we could be good. Europe? not quite ready. Not sure I want the dreaded 6th spot anyway, too many teams seem to struggle after finishing 6th.

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Not in the mood to post a detailed match report now. Was sat next to some total prats on the coach and it's done my head in.

All I will say is that it is a big worry that we have turned a match against one of the best teams in Europe into a vital game.

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We are nowhere near as poor as is being suggested in some posts on here, we're a good side who haven't performed anywhere near our capability in three very winnable games v Wigan, pompey and Brum. The only area in which we're particularly weak is in finding a suitable partner for Bellamy, but we managed to cope with that over the first 30 games.

IMO Hughes needs to resist the temptation to panic and chop and change too much. When everyone is playing to form we have a clear strongest eleven:

Friedel Neill Gray Nelsen Todd Reid Savage Tugay Bellamy Pongolle MGP.

The only change I would be tempted to make would be to swap Mgp (who is desperately out of sorts) for Peter. If in the mood the Norwegian should be more than capable of making an impact coming off the bench.


Got to agree with most of that, I have harped on about MGP for some time. Scores cracking goals but is not a good alround player. He was blown off the ball several times tonight. He can't score the cracking goals if we don't get free kicks. Is this the 4th match in a row where we have not had a free kick in scoring position.

Is it a coincidence we have only won once (I think) since Pongo has been out of the team. Is Gray injured or out of favour?

Also Brad, now you all know I have given him some heavy stick for his lack of "fundamentals", is it just me or is he really improved. He's off his line quicker, his closing down of angles seems better and his coming out to punch is very good. Has there been some serious coaching going on or is Brad finally begining to get it.

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Just got back sad.gif 3hrs to travel just over 100 miles sad.gif ..........

Poor performance, they just about shaded the first half.

Second half we started the brighter then they scored against the run of play. Savage goal was worth the journey but all in all cr@p defending and messing about with the ball in vital areas cost us.

We've not played well for a while as far as I’m concerned and although this season has been better than any of us could imagine, I fear its going to end on a sour note.


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Also Brad, now you all know I have given him some heavy stick for his lack of "fundamentals", is it just me or is he really improved.  He's off his line quicker, his closing down of angles seems better and his coming out to punch is very good.  Has there been some serious coaching going on or is Brad finally begining to get it.


I think you are right, and it's been increasingly visible for a while. He has started to explore the outer reaches of the area and now makes himself big when facing the shooter. But even so, I was gobsmacked he came to the edge of the area to punch it in the first half; he hasn't done that for years. Fast off his line for the Heskey offside as well.

Of course everyone will tell you he was always that good, but I agree with you there clearly has been some serious coaching going on. And why not, or why bother employing a goalkeeping coach? (Is that still Tunks, or does Eddie moonlight from his day job?)

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Tunks slid off to Newcastle after the rest of the previous lot (serve him right). Kevin Hitchcock is the goalkeeper coach now, much better than Tunks I reckon.

I find myself agreeing with what Rev says (somewhat worrying tongue.gif ! ), I think that's one of the reasons for so much disappointment, we know the guys can do so much better. They hardly broke into a sweat this evening, and gave BC way to much space.

The only people who turned out for Rovers tonight were the fans. The team let us down big time. Lucas (yes, Jan, he is pretty) had a mare, and he wasn't the only one.

I noticed the much maligned Kuqi was in the thick of it, trying to defend against two Big Club players (one of whom supplied for the second goal) with none of our defenders in sight. Thought he was a bit better tonight. We certainly won few headers until he came on, BC got everything in the air.

Just want to get to the end of the season now, to regroup in the summer hopefully with a few additions.

Thought the stewards were very friendly and helpful, the concourse is rubbish though, and the twerp who designed the stadium and put in one lift over the far end so that the disabled and helpers have to trek all the way over and then back through BC fans should be tossed over on to that railway line. Though to be fair the trek was more of a problem to Mr Roversmum than the fans who were also very friendly.

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rover.gif oh the delights off being a roverite,when have we ever done anything the simple way apart from getting ourselves relagated.promotion-the premiership-the playoffs-we are masters off shooting ourselves in the foot.

i did,nt go tonight i have learnt in my 40's i can only abuse my body with alcohol and drugs,not this soul searching/must go every match rovers syndrone.tuned the tannoy at work to radio lancs had it on full belt,and even the pakis came round to take the ######.

does anyone realise if CHELSKI get beat by MANURE, the premiership will be decided at ewood.from the 20 mins highlights i saw on tv,i saw a rovers player running with the ball,from the left wing cut inside,glide past player's almost duffeske in style,SERGIO PETER you have become my new wagstaffe-brotherstone-sellars-wilcox-duffmiester,i am officially your no1 fan tinykit.gif

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The disappointment doesnt fade away the morning after and whats worse is that we have to wait 10 days for the next game.

Twice we knew all the other teams results and we bombed.

Its not in our hands as some people have pointed out, Bolton have it in their hands. But we got points on the table.

Like I said, 6 points should be enough, but can we get the 6 points?

It wont be easy.

Next game, Id start with Peter for MGP, Tugay for Emerton with Reid possibly on the right, and Pongolle for Bentley. I didnt enjoy our full backs today and it stresses the need to buy a quality left back in the summer.

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I noticed the much maligned Kuqi was in the thick of it, trying to defend against two Big Club players (one of whom supplied for the second goal) with none of our defenders in sight. 


In excusable and lazy defending by Lucas Neil. The ball was in the air long enough for Neill to get over and help Kuqi out by closing the extra player who crossed the ball to Forsell down. He has a bad habit of ball watching which I thought MH and his staff had eradicated.

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Also for the first goal, after Heskey fluffed his shot there was nothing we could have done to stop Gray getting to the ball, however, why did no one follow the run of Butt and stop that from being an option? We had about 4 defenders back and only one of them got any sort of a challenge in.

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If we don't win against Charlton or Chelski then we can panic. At the end of the day we've been damn lucky all season and don't deserve to be in this position. Some people may not share my view but we should have lost against villa at home and wigan at home to name a few. We're lucky to be in the top 8 so I believe it will be classed as a successful season.


In reality luck always plays a part in football - but I don't feel we have been particularly lucky this season. We have lost our best player for over 50% of the season, against Wigan we had a defo penalty turned down, against Liverpool two awful refereeing decisions decided the match both home and away. Most importantly - Tugay gets injured when we most need him - i.e. when Savage is playing c**p. IMO Reid is carrying the midfield at the moment - and not having Tugay available is one of the main reasons we have struggled recently. Surprised about the stick Bentley has had for last night - barring his aborted clearance the guys on radio lancs spent most of the match praising him.

The only thing I agree with - is top 8 would still be a good season. But for all the doom and gloom - if you had offered me our current position with three games to go at the start of the season I would have snatched your hand off.

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Not wanting to bring too much doom and despondancy to the supporters of the team that are currently in 6th place in the Prem but I too am a taj concerned about our situation for next season.

The results since Jan are .......

Manchester United H 4-3

West Brom A 2-0

Everton A 1-0

Sunderland H 2-0

Arsenal H 1-0

Spurs A 3-2

Aston Villa H 2-0

Middlesbrough H 3-2

Sunderland A 0-1

Wigan H 1-1

Portsmouth A 2-2

Liverpool H 0-1

Birmingham City A 2-1

I've said often before that if we take away the big 3 and Sunderland that there is little difference between the rest.

20 points from 13 games is good without question but imo with the luck against us we could easily have been looking at 3 (home points to Sunderland was the only game that we looked better than the opposition)!

Last season we seemed to suffer ill luck with injury and ref decisions etc but this time we are getting it all back and this makes me concerned about next season. Hughes needs to find some quality from somewhere this summer.

The only bright spot is that clubs being much of a muchness makes for a good league but it also means that we cannot afford complacency. Furthermore should we get into Europe we will probably suffer the 'euro hangover' that affected Boro and Everton so adversly this season.

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I cannot beleive how much we've chucked it. The game againsst Big Club was clearly won they were going to win. You just know it as one that they are up for they need to win and all that.

Champions League! We'll almost certainly not even get in Uefa now. Charlton away - we'll lose that and then Chelsea!!! Fk ske.

We've shot ourselves in the foot big style.

I wouldn't say we've been unlucky this season, not at all. Except the games aagainst the Scouse home and away, Todd sent off, etc...In many games we've been dire like Sunderland away.

What a disappointment this is looking like now.

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Oh dear god, this is all such a bunch of nonsense! We are a good team and we deserve to be where we are, we have a good manager, good players and we have done well and you know what I'll put a bet on with anyone who wants it that we finish top 6.

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Well Bolton deserved where they were a few weeks ago, now they arent there anymore. They were 5th if you recall.

You are only as good as your last result.

We have to wake up and ASAP! Three games of which the game against Chelsea is almost unwinnable esp under our current form.

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