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[Archived] Uefa Cup

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There were 5 German bombers in the air.............

There were 5 German bombers in the air.............

There were 5 German bombers,

5 German bombers,

5 German bombers in the air.........

But the RAF from Blackburn shot them down.........

Oh the RAF from Blackburn shot them down

Oh the RAF from Blackburn

RAF from Blackburn

RAF from Blackburn shot them down...............

What a result, UEFA Cup qualification and we're over the moon. Lets pin this thread and talk about where we won't to go and how we'll get there.

Debs fancies Minsk; I fancy an easy trip to Portugal or Spain in the early rounds then Eastern Europe in the league format.

Tris fancies a kebab.......

SO HAPPY biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

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Modes, Turkey was as good as any of the European trips I have been on.

Lets just hope we actually get through to the group stages, rather than cock it up against some two bit nobodies like Trelleborgs or Celtic as we have done in the past.

First round in Riga would be nice wink.gif

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Sparky's reaction (from the Australian Advertiser!)

Hughes is aware that Rovers' last foray into Europe, three years ago, placed too great a demand on the club's league form, triggering an alarming slide, and he is determined to avoid a repeat by drafting recruits.

And he believes Rovers' European qualification will attract players and help to convince the likes of Craig Bellamy, Morten Gamst Pedersen and Steven Reid, who have all been linked with moves, to stay at Ewood Park.

"We will look at the demands of European football and try to strengthen in the way every club tries to strengthen during the (northern) summer," Hughes said.

"I think we can build on the qualities we have showed this year.

"Next year will place big demands on the club and we are hoping for a significant run in Europe and the premiership.

"Our chances of progressing in Europe depend on the kind of draw we get.

"Everton showed how important that is this year when they drew Villarreal, who went on to reach the Champions League semi-finals.

"But European football is an experience that will help our players and it will help us attract more players to the club.

"And we certainly don't want to lose our best players."

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YEEEEEHHAAAAA! Great feeling today. Watched the game in a pub and everyone there seemed to agree rovers are playing good football. Nomore buly boys=)

Anyway... Hoping for denmark or southern sweden. Will make traveling easier. Also i am distinctky not hoping for eastern europe. Those teams are very often very tough to play away and they are often underestimated. Austria, Israel and scandinavia will prove our best chance of a good run...

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Not bothered where it is I am going, since we 1st played Trelleborg all those years ago I have always been saying that I would go but always waited for us to play a big club, that never happened and I have always regreted and thought I had missed my chance.

Im not going to miss out this time coz you never know when we will play in Europe again !!

So dont take it for GRANTED get along and support the lads !! and dont miss out on the wonderful opportunity Hughes'y and the boys have given us as you never know it may never happen again !!

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whats with the german stuff?

but bring on the uefa. i fancy eastern europe somewhere.........


'Engalnd' rock steady.

Anywhere for me - all depends on the timing and where but as already mentioned we will probably end up playing Gretna sad.gif

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Can't wait, I'll be there for at least one or two of them. Don't really mind who we get, but I'm looking forward to us taking it seriously for once and let's see how far we can go.

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Stuff the student loan that i'll be on next year, i can survive on 6p beans and that only if it means i can be at the away games in Europe.

It would be excellent to do well in it and get a really big side in the latter rounds. Can you imagine if we got one of the side sknocked out of the CL and it could be a big one, just look how badly Manure did in this seasons cup, they could have finished 3rd in their group and played in the Uefa Cup.

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