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[Archived] Rovers 2-1 Wigan


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Jason Roberts auld club come a-calling.

Wigan were last years surprise package, but Paul Jewell was mugged twice this summer. Once he had £5.5m stolen from him and found Emile Heskey in the training ground the next day, and the other time Steve Cotteril, Kevin Doyle and Steve Sidwell stole his mojo. This resulted in Reading looking (at this early stage) like this seasons surprise package (no label, presumably. Or maybe the chairman's name (Madjeski) is too hard to read. Other fantastic summer malarkey include the signing of the very skillful Zineadine Kilbane (aka Kevin) recently described after an Irish international match with the following: "loads of effort and gives the ball away a lot". I'm not convinced that's a good signing!

Wigan's start to the season has been, well, spotty. If not downright poor. Despite beating Rosenberg (amongst others) pre-season, their first game was a 2-1 defeat to Newcastle in St. James', in a game they should have won after dominating for long periods (sound familiar?). They won, ironically, at home to Reading, although Jewell's mojo was safely held down south and could not be recaptured. Next came a 1-0 away loss at Fratton Park, another game where one was left wondering how exactly they managed to lose. The answer is simple, and will be revealed later.

The story contines as Everton, where despite beating Merseyside rivals Liverpool 3-0, Everton failed to put Wigan away and ended up drawing 2-2, Scharner getting Wigan's goals. In fact, he was rude enough to ruin a good feeling at Goodison by not letting the fans celebrate Everton's second goal before netting the equalizer.

A disasterous exit from the Coca Cola cup was next for our opponents. Unlucky enough to draw the mighty Crewe Alexandria, 2-0 was the score for the powerful home side. Once again the reviews claimed that Wigan were on top for most of the game. On top but unable to finish.... seems like some viagra might be in order there!

Wigan's last game saw a reversal of fortune. Instead of being on top and losing or having to come back from being down, Watford, the premiership's unluckiest team, were superior all over the pitch for large parts of the game before Wigan went 1-0 up. Watford managed to equalize before the end, though.

Amazingly there were no strange penalties or decisions to make grown men cry, although Wigan's goal looked about 1 mile offside before replays showed that the ball came off the Watford defender before landing on Camara's foot near the penalty spot. He still managed to make a meal of the finish, though.

Onwards. Wigan have played 5, have 5 points, have scored 5 and and conceded 6. Their problem has been goal-scoring, since we nicked Roberts. Heskey has been described, kindly, as goal shy (although he has a good record against Rovers), and Camara seems to have forgotten how to score. Scharner got two against Everton, but has not played very well since. They were also booed off the pitch at the JJB after the Watford game, not a nice experience for any team.

We, on the other hand, have won the last 3 games we've played, not lost in the last five, including UEFA cup action against a team who beat Valencia in Salzburg. Yes, the same Valencia who knocked them out in Spain drew 1-1 with Barcelona last weekend and beat Roma 2-1 midweek. Not bad.

Savage is still iffy at this point in time, Roberts will almost certainly not make it (a pity because he was looking forward to it) and Reid is still absent along with Nelsen. Jeffers appears to have lost his starting spot to Nonda, who is still a couple of weeks off full fitness.

Who cares about Wigans problems? Not I.

I'm going with Sky on this one, 1-2 to the Rovers! Nonda and Bentley for the Rovers, Camara for them.

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Great preview as always Den. Particulary liked the bit "the post match chat on this thread". Bob Fleming will be a worried man tonight .

All this pre match chit chat about the Wigan match, yet no mention of the pies. Won't anyone mention the pies? I mean it's Wigan FFS.

I worked in Wigan in the late 80s, Wildings camera shop on Mesnes Street. Around half ten every day, the cellar lad (Baldrick-it captured the Zeitgeist) used to come round the building with a pen and pad taking the mid-morning pie orders. It boiled down to coded references after a while, EG-a PB was a Pasty Barmcake, a BP was a butter pie and a CPR was a butter pie barm. I kid you not. Ask a Wiganer about pies and they become very tribal. Each individual has their own allegiances, Greenhalghes, Sayers, Hampsons, Pooleses etc. If you offered a Hampsons man a Pooleses he would consider it the ultimate insult-and may challenge your to a fight .

What time is it when there is a pie on the town hall clock in Wigan?

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Who ate all the faffin pies ?????????????? THEY did the pie eating munching muppeets

my mate who is a pie eating fan of wigan seems to think Rovers are gonna come a cropper tomorrow, 3-0 wigan he says.

In my repsonse I just told him he was a fat twit and to stay away from me and my mates tomorrow both pre and post match :tu:

1-0 Rovers, 9 bookings, 2 sendings off, a very poor ref, 1200 pie eaters and a crowd of around 18790 !

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Are we still doing the prediction League?

Have to say for me this match falls into the "must win" category whether we're looking to get to 40 points as quickly as possible, trying to retain our UEFA spot or looking to improve slightly to push for that magical 4th spot.

However it's the sort of fixture on the back of a good run we'd have made a complete horlicks of under Souness. Tomorrow will tell us a lot about the mental toughness of the players under Hughes.

Another thoroughly professional display and 2-0 win.


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What time is it when there is a pie on the town hall clock in Wigan?

Go on then; I'll play the fall-guy. "I don't know, what time IS it when there is a pie on the clock in Wigan?" Ozzie steps forward.......

You really neeed the accent

"It's summat ta eight"

IPB Image

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On the basis that Daren popped up with an excellent better late than never preview, I am sure gull will visit us with his droppings...

Logic says we'll get rumbled by the pie eaters but I'm a barm cake man and I'll go with 1-0 to t' Rovers.

In honour of Daren's home town:

A pie-eating manager named Jewel

lots of football rumours did fuel

When Roberts got pesky

He signed Emile Heskey

and ended unemployed, fat and a fool

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It will probably be 1-0 to the Rovers and Nonda to come up with the goods. This is a game where we require three points if we are going to push on for a top six finish, and it is certainly a game I think we can win. 18888 fans will view a respectable performance. The referee will surprisingly do a good job. Just for a change.

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