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[Archived] Blackburn Rovers 2 - 0. Fulham Fc

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Well the time has come for me to write another preview, may I start by saying that the previous two match previews I have done have resulted in a Rovers victory. Against, Norwich in 2004/2005 campaign and Middlesbrough last year, both at Ewood.

I start as most of these previews do with an interview with a Fulham fan, this year I have chosen the American supporters branch of Fulham FC, to ask them questions not only on Fulham, but on the state of our beloved soccer in the United States.


Fulham in 2006/2007

1. What has been the highlight of the season so far?

Back to back goals by McBride and Bocanegra in the final minutes of our match AT Newcastle. That was magic. And I was watching with a Newcastle fan, so I got to enjoy rubbing it in.

2. Lowest point of season so far?

Jimmy Bullard's injury, also during Newcastle away. He scored two goals in the first 3 games, and when playing everyone could see he loved playing the game and playing at Fulham. The injury was like a dagger to the heart. Everyone is looking forward to his return.

3. Player of the season as of this moment?

Tough one. Antti Niemi I guess. Not the greatest keeper, but the man has had to battle nearly every match and has kept us in some. Brown's attitude has been a good addition.

4. Chris "Cookie" Coleman? How good is he as a manager?

His tactics are frustrated at times to the fans, but he's working around the injured players and getting some good results. He is a good manager, but there are times when we wonder why he's still there...but that's the same story with every manager in the game.

5. What are your thoughts of Blackburn ahead of the game?

They give up quite a few penalties. If/when Blackburn give up a penalty we can only hope Friedel slips or something as he's done quite well with them. Keep track of Bentley at all times. McCarthy is due for another goal being that his last Premier League goal came against Liverpool 14 October...I just hope he can wait until you travel to Charlton.

6. Blackburn's best player?

Friedel has been great for Blackburn on penalty saves alone (remember Sheff. Utd.?). Bentley has also been good. I can't resist asking, are Blackburn fans disappointed with Jason Roberts so far?

7. Match Prediction


Football/Soccer in the U.S.

8. Is it really the next big thing in America?

I wish it would be, but very unlikely. It competes against too many sports here. American football, college football, baseball, basketball, college basketball, and hockey. It might over-take hockey, but I can't see over-taking anything else. Heck, golf gets more coverage than "footie."

9. Is the sport seen as an upper class activity?

Again, no... it's seen as a suburban middle class sport. In 'Upper Middle Class' circles the 'in' sports to play are Rugby and LaCrosse

10. Is it considered a female sport by the majority of Americans?

Not so much anymore. The men's teams definitely gets more coverage than the women's teams. I'm sure highschool American football players still tease the soccer players at being sissies and are playing a girly sport. But the appreciation of soccer is increasing in this country.

11. How did the fans react to the poor World Cup showing by the National team?

Disappointment, but not shock for the knowledgable fan. This WC, amazingly, did a lot to elevate soccer interest in the US. The casual fan got to see how tough a sport it really is and could relate coaching decisions and player performances to those sports they follow most closely.

Many who had never paid much attention got swept up in the drama and watched other teams... and seem to have 'got it'.

- I have to say McBride's blooding, and the notorious 'head-butt' didnt hurt interest here.. even American Sports talking heads now compare 'dirty play' to that event.

12. Future American stars?

I would have to say Benny Feilhaber (Hamburg), Jose Altidore, and David Arvizu (both at New York) intigue me the most. Adu is talented but I'm not sure he'll ever live up to the hype

13. Best current American footballer/soccer player?

I would say Clint Dempsey.

14. If Fulham were an American sports team they would be......?

The Cubbies undoubtedly (Chicago Cubs that is). The first time I saw match at Wrigley Field, where the Cubs play, you could just smell the history and genuineness. Haven't been to The Cottage yet, but all reports and impressions are the same. The term Fulhamish is equally applicable to the Cubs

Thanks to all who posted. Be sure to check out the Fulham USA forum for more.





Volz/Boa Morte/Jensen/Bocanegra



IPB Image


Outstanding Finland goalkeeper signed from Southampton in January 2006. Established himself as one of the most respected keepers in the Barclays Premiership during his time at St Mary's. Earlier made his name as one of Scottish football's top shot-stoppers with spells at Hearts and Rangers. Capable of breathtaking saves and performed heroics for Finland in a World Cup qualifier in 2001 - shutting out Germany to seal England's place in the finals.


IPB Image


Signed from Bristol City in November 2003, Rosenior is a promising talent who can play in a number of positions. Most suited to right-back, he has also played up front and his athleticism and intelligence provide a valuable addition to the squad.


Rovers 2-1 Fulham ~ August 20th 2005

MGP's Stunner vs. Fulham - August 2005

Tugay's Stunner vs Fulham - August 2005

Rovers 1-3 Fulham ~ May 7th 2005

Rovers 0-2 Fulham ~ September 28th 2003

Rovers 2-1 Fulham ~ November 30th 2002

Rovers 3-0 Fulham ~ May 11th 2002


I'll leave that up to you :lol:

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As no one has said it yet, may I be the first to tip my hat and say "thank you Rog" for an excellent preview.

More good work from he preview volunteers, long may it continue.

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Hughes wont drop Nonda though, he hasnt dropped Morten, so why should he drop Nonda?

To be fair Pedersen has played moderately better over the last two games. If Peter was going to get a crack it would have been in two-three weeks ago when MGP was truly awful.

With Tugay out what we do with the side could be interesting. I imagine what will probably happen is Niell will come in at RB and Emerton will move up to the wing while Bentley goes inside. While that is quite acceptable personally I would rather see Gallagher come in on the wing and Emerton stay at right back, but I doubt that is going to happen.

If Hughes puts in Mokoena he needs shooting. But I can actually see that happening, more likely than Gally starting anyway. Perplexing Hughsey.

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fulham have been quite solid away from home since their thrashing on the opening day, it won't be easy against a coleman side.

i worried about the absence of tugay, theres a few options to replace the loss by moving players about, new faces etc but he will be a big loss to us.

i fancy back to winning ways! ooijer to be a rock at the back again!!

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I can see a Rovers win after a nice break savouring the next round qualification in Europe.

Pearce is out suspended after being sent off is he not ? If so he leaves a big gap behind him that even Nonda and benni can find a way through.

For me the key is playing Jeffers from the off and leaving Bert in the right midfield slot rather than right back.

Jeffers to score 1-0 Blues :brfc:

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I can see a Rovers win after a nice break savouring the next round qualification in Europe.

Pearce is out suspended after being sent off is he not ? If so he leaves a big gap behind him that even Nonda and benni can find a way through.

For me the key is playing Jeffers from the off and leaving Bert in the right midfield slot rather than right back.

Jeffers to score 1-0 Blues :brfc:

There were some bad injuries in the Fulham v Reading game as well as the sending off which might help us in the coming fortnight.

I'd like to see Jeffers start but please leave Bert where he is. I'd be tempted to play MGP on the right and Peter on the left- MGP at least is able to spot Gray's over-lapping runs so might play Bert in to devastating effect.

Absolute must win but Fulham have come to Ewood and won very deservedly in two of their last three visits.

A very nervous 2-1 to Rovers.

We might well be 17th at start of play but very unlikely we would be in the relegation zone. Sheff U would need to win by 5 at Watford.

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Att: 1...... errrrm forget it! :(

The attendance won't be great SG but there'll surely be more than one there! ;)

Who cares how many there are there, as philip says it's an absolute must win three points. The players have to start displaying a win at all costs mentality.

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Im looking forward to this, the "extended" break will have given the players a bit of a rest and hopefully they will be able to do the business.

Id like to see Sergio start with MGP making way for him, and Jeffers in for Nonda.

Attendance - 17,434

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Not forgetting that in this fixture last season we saw goals of the season Nos 2 & 3 with MGP's volley from Shefi Kuqi's cross and then Toog's wonder strike from MGP's corner.

So, it's a scrappy one-nil, ball goes in from someone's arse. Not even sure in which end.

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Rovers 3 - 0 Fulham

Gamst 15 (penalty)

Jeffers 44

Benni 78

Boa Morte s/o 56 (he's always trying to finish off at least a couple of our players)

Att: 17,234

the infamous Lady Luck (from Souness' glory days) will finally be on our side, with Rovers getting a pen and winning the match quite easy.

btw...when is the last time we had a 3pm kick off on a saturday? definately a win to celebrate the occasion :tu:

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