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[Archived] Rovers Season Ticket 07/08

Season Tickets 07/08  

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  1. 1. What will you be doing?

    • I'm a non season ticket holder, but will get one.
    • I will be renewing in my current seat.
    • I will be renewing, but in another section.
    • I'm not renewing, but will go to more games.
    • I'm unable to attend Ewood, but good idea.
    • My names Vinjay I dont live in the real world

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John Williams was on Radio 5 this morning saying that season ticket prices were going to go down, although he didn't say by how much.

He talked about ticket reductions for individual games, but pointed out that season ticket holders were "the lifeblood" of the club, and any promotions on a match by match needed to be balanced by the price season ticket holders paid at the beginning of the season.

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Bolton are said to have cut prices by 10%. City are making some truely "revolutionary" moves in an attempt to attract young fans:

In a drive to attract more young supporters, who are conspicuously rare in the ground, City have slashed next year's under-16s season card by 56% to £95. Prices for 16- to 17-year-olds have been reduced by 31% to £220 and 18 to 21-year-olds will pay £330. Adult prices have been frozen for the fourth season in a row, at between £385 and £560 - not costly at London prices, maybe, but still a lot for many in Manchester to find.

I'm sure I've seen all this somewhere else......can anyone remind me?

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QUOTE(Ste B @ Feb 28 2007, 13:03 ) 493783[/snapback]
Above is Vinjays version ;)

Considering football is a religion, perhaps that’s no bad thing, although advertising is very subjective so we welcome all comments, good and bad.

Either way, the new version is interesting but everyone will be able to make their own mind up on Friday morning.

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Hmm, I think we all know that the prices will be reduced, just wonder by how much.

10% reduction seems to be the golden number for most clubs, but that's no hardly going to convince someone to renew his season ticket if he's already fallen out of love with the club.

Judging by the above picture, I think Rovers are going to launch something bold and I personally can't wait for tomorrow.

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Rovers have slashed the price of season tickets by 25 per cent, costing the club £1 million. The club’s generosity has been fuelled by anticipated record earning from the new FA Premier League television rights that could boost income by as much as £10 million next season.

The result is some seat prices are now pitched at 2001 levels and mean some of the best bargains in top-flight English football. The cheapest adult season ticket will now cost just £249 with the most expensive at £399 ..... £231 cheaper than a current adult season ticket at Chelsea.

Rovers claim the deal means a family of two adults and two children can watch 19 Premiership games for the equivalent of £10-a-head ..... about the cost of going to the cinema.

Match day prices for 15 of the 19 Premiership matches also come down to £15 for most seats, while away fans will also benefit: ticket prices for fans from Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea for their matches at Ewood Park will be £30, a reduction of 16 per cent.

United, by contrast, have announced that 40 per cent of the new television money will go into players wage packets with no reductions in ticket prices.

That is outstanding from Rovers. And very clever - if (as it seems to imply) that the 4 biggest games will be priced at £30 and the rest at £15. Still makes it worthwhile to have a season ticket, but should encourage people to walk up for any of the 19 games - even the 30 quid ones (as proved by the Liverpool gate this season).

Well done!

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Front page news item.

Blackburn are to cut the cost of the average season ticket at Ewood Park by a quarter next season. Rovers will pass on savings totalling more than £1million to supporters in a bid to boost falling attendances witnessed over recent seasons.

The Lancashire club join Chelsea, Everton, Bolton and Sheffield United in confirming a reduction or freeze in prices for next term following the Premier League’s signing of a new overseas television rights deal worth £625million. That cash windfall has increased pressure on Barclays Premiership clubs to cut prices.

And Rovers chairman John Williams insists the reductions are necessary to win back supporters whose absence has been so noticeable this term at the likes of the Reebok Stadium, JJB Stadium and his own Ewood Park. He said: “We believe that the best way to enjoy Premiership football is watching it live in the stadium.

“We hope these prices will not only retain existing supporters but also attract those who have not been for some time through the turnstiles next season to offer the team even greater vocal backing.

“In setting this price structure we have recognised the concerns of supporters who feel that the cost of watching live football has become too expensive. We have addressed this issue and at the same time made sure we remain competitive on the pitch.

“Fans want to see the best players in action at Ewood Park and for the club to continue to be a force in the Premiership. We will

continue to look at different ways to add extra value for season ticket holders as they are the lifeblood of the club.”

Rovers’ average crowd this season has been little over two thirds of Ewood Park’s 31,000 capacity and manager Mark Hughes believes a fuller stadium would have implications on the pitch, as well as off it.

“The players all want to play in front of full stadiums and it makes a huge difference to them,” he said. “The supporters really can act as the 12th man and lift the players. I’ve been lucky enough to play in front of packed stadiums across Europe and I know the positive effect it can have, so it would be great to see Ewood packed every week next season.

“When the ground has been full for games this season against the likes of Liverpool and Bolton the atmosphere has been amazing. Football is a passionate game and we want passionate supporters in Ewood Park to help inspire the team.

“Cost is an issue and we have taken the bull by the horns and reduced prices and hopefully this will encourage even more supporters to come to games.”

Under the new pricing scheme, 5,500 season tickets will be available at £249, while the average for the Blackburn End will fall by 30% from £425 to £299.

The most expensive ticket will come down from £595 to £399. Rovers will also launch a “We Believe” campaign to demonstrate their commitment to grassroots fans.

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