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[Archived] Woys Back..

Ste B

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If you look at woy's managerial career stats, the vast majority of his success came in the late 70's and 80's - since the end of 2001 his CV is extremely sketchy.

I think it's a very strange appointment by Fulham that will backfire on them big style, but time will tell.

Maybe he's hoping to get Al Fayed to spend 13m on Kevin Davies and Christian Dailly. :glare:

EDIT: What do you think ffan?

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I can't believe this love-in .

The bloke was an egotist who spent most of his time in the Sky studios angling for the England job ; sacking him was an absolute necessity at the time .......

Can only see him ballsing it up again - I nearly feel sorry for Fayed :blink:

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...whilst Stu Ripley described him as a "football scientist" .

Kev Gallagher was on the radio before saying that the injuries we had at the time devastated his team and that the English weather wasn't conducive to his training methods . Maybe the two things were related ...... :blink:

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