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[Archived] Bolton Vs Rovers


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Well I thought I'd try something a little different for this preview and I've created a "pitch map" of some of our previous encounters at the Reebok. It is a little bit of a work in progress so it might change during the course of the week and I hope that it works for everyone!!

My two major discoveries from this map are that Reid and Cole got sent off in nearly the same place, and that loads of goals have been scored in front of the Rovers fans, usually quite late in the game. More exciting that way I guess!

The Bolton vs Rovers Pitch Map

btw if anyone has got a picture of the Hignett goal, or celebration of, please could I have it? I have scoured the internet, newspapers and programmes and have come up with nothing

It's a bit on the late side but I've also got a bit of a Q&A with my friend Simon who has the misfortune of supporting Bolton.

What are your thoughts on the season so far?

My thoughts of the season as far - as expected really! Not spent enough money in the right areas, but at the same time I think the players we have signed are decent (unlike S.Lee's crap last year). I think it may be a long season!

Who has been your best and worst player?

Best player....Davies I reckon, 4 goals so can't complain.

Worst.....I honestly don't think anyone has had a 'mare' and I am murder for calling them crap.

Some people would like us to sign Kevin Nolan? Is he worth buying?

Nolan! If you play as centre-mid he is very poor However, play him just behind the front two he can be very good, A real eye for goal, as witnessed by you men last year, and a good touch. He just can't get 'up and down' as a centre-mid needs to.

This is the 152nd meeting between Bolton and Rovers. Do you have any overriding memories from this fixture?

Best memory at a football match. When we won 1-0 to so think it was May 78'? Something like that; Frankie Worthy scored the only goal and as a 9yr old kid it was the best feeling ever! Other than that I remember Noel Brotherston (RIP) taking the ###### in several games. Unreal haircut, but cracking player.

How do you think that the season is going to pan out for you? relegation battle, comfortably mid-table or pushing for Europe?

Relegation battle is looming for us I am afraid!

What do you think of Rovers this season?

Mm, Rovers. Not sure I like the move for players like Andrews, don’t think you need them. Time will tell whether Ince will cut the mustard, If I am honest, I think his ego will get in the way.

We haven't lost at the Reebok for quite some time, why do you think this is?

I think the lack of distance between the two, similar standing of the clubs/lack of fear of each other negate the home advantage in Bolton/Rovers games

Any players in rovers team that you'd want in the Bolton team?

Santa is the obvious one. I like Nelson and Samba, but don’t think they any better than we have. If I could have one I reckon I would have Derbyshire, always impresses me as a goalscorer when I see him.

Where do you think we'll finish?

Think you will finish about 10th

Right now there is constant speculation of foreign owners buying up premiership clubs. Would you like some more investment in Bolton or are you quite happy plodding along as you are?

I would rather we didn't get a foreign owner, but I think it could be inevitable in the future. Football is moving further away from reality, and even in the credit crunch I think the clubs will do fine.

Like Rovers, Bolton aren't the most liked team by other fans across the country. Does this bother you?

Na don’t give a crap about other fan’s opinion of us. They all support inferior teams after all ;-)

Bolton play boring football, Rovers are bully boys bla bla....do the press get on your nerves?

The press get on my nerves only in that they steal a living. They are bone idle and just cotton on to any old crap and stick with it for season after season! How else can Wet Spam still be 'the academy'??? I wish they would just give honest opinions.

Finally, what is your probably lineup and score prediction?

Jussi, Gretar Cahill A.Obrien Jloyd, Gardner Mccann Nolan Muamba Davies, Elmander

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Excellent Clare, A lot of recent memories. Bolton was the designated must-make away game for me and my mates until they starting charging over £30. It them moved on to Wigan.

The Dwight Yorke equaliser has to be one of the best moments at an away ground in recent times. To equalise in the 5th minute of stoppage time after the board has gone up for 4 minutes doesn't happen often. Even better was the fact that you could see he was going to score even before the ball reached him. It's amazing how lfew Notlob defenders were in that area of the box considering how late on it was. Pity it's not on Youtube, would love to see it again.

As for this year, we've had a good run of results at the Reebok. We've not lost there for the last 9 visits. It's becomming a hoodoo for them like Upton Park is for us. As people so often reming us though, Rovers are in a different era now so things might change.

The large Rovers following doesn't necessarily give the lads a lift (Wigan last year) so I'm going for a 1-1 draw. Don't know who'll score but Fat Kev will get sent off for a lunging tackle on Simpson just because he happens to know Patrice Evra.

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Nice work Clare. What software did you use to do that map?

Cant wait for this game! Its so important to our season and also to carry on the good form (except against top 4). Hopefully we can play to our potential and prove a few doubters wrong.

It is also very important for me personally that we dont lose, as I currently live with the Girlfriend in Horwich and I work in Bolton with many Notlob fans.

Im going to go for a 2-1 win to Rovers.

Does anyone know who we have fit for this one? Are Reid/ Grella/ McCarthy & Roque back?

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A great use of the map CN, some fantastic memories.

This weekend sees the annual split in the family, wife and daughter winkers whilst me and the son are both Rovers. Going to be some fun in the household as I am just off crutches and am pining for a Rovers win that would see the females in our household being quiet for a week !

I just cannot see beyond a draw simply due to the fact that its the game after the Internationals and both clubs have had many players away from the training grounds.

I would love the travelling hordes of Rovers fans to come away respondent in victory but it has 1-1 written all over it, that is of course unless Rovers get the annual penalty decision in their favour at t'breezeblock. :o

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good job on the map, that's some nice work.

my favorite goal at the breeze block was matt jansen's in the 4-1 friday night football which sadly isn't on there. through one on one and he dummied the shot as the keeper come out to put his on his ass and just chiped the ball over him into the net. world class finish.

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good job on the map, that's some nice work.

my favorite goal at the breeze block was matt jansen's in the 4-1 friday night football which sadly isn't on there. through one on one and he dummied the shot as the keeper come out to put his on his ass and just chiped the ball over him into the net. world class finish.

and that goal sealed the birthday celebrations and ensured that we made hay all the way back to Chorley, and had a cracking curry before a lock in caused uproar witht he wife aftr she couldnt find me !!

What a birthday ;)

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