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[Archived] Chris Price


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There is a story on the front page of the Hereford Journal regarding Former Rovers and Hereford right back,Chris Price.

A Hereford sporting legend is recovering in hospital after being dragged out to sea by huge waves while he played football on the beach with his daughter.

While the former right back has made progress, there are renewed fears for the family and friends as Queensland's horrifying floods continue to dominate the headlines.

Chirs, also a former aston villa and Blackburn Rovers player, had been enjoying a game of football on the beach with his youngest daughter and her boyfriend. Minutes later they found Chris face doen in the water. They dragged him onto the sand before a lifeguard assisted them.

Chris was put on Oxygen but went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing. He was taken to resuscitation and intensive care once he eventually arrived at the hospital following traffic problems.

I've summarised the details but thought some may wish to know.

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Tragic story, wish him a full recovery. Shows how something as simple as playing football on the beach, kind lead to an event which can change so many peoples lives for ever.

Remember seeing him play a few times 92-93 I think it was. Was to youn to remember him on his first sell with Rovers.

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Best wishes to Chris Price, an absolute legend.

I have a great picture of him from 87 with his feet on a table which has the full members cup on it.

He was playing when I got smitten with the Rovers in the mid 80's and is still probably the best right back I have seen at Rovers.

Good luck and please pull through Chris.

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Chris Price Recovering - AVFPA Release...


One week ago, former Aston Villa right-back Chris Price, who played over 100 games for the club from 1988-1992, nearly lost his life when he was caught by a 'rip' underwater current and dragged out to sea while playing football with his youngest daughter on a beach near his home in Brisbane, Australia.

Chris was eventually found face down in the water and not breathing. Whilst the beach lifeguards were working to resuscitate him, Chris suffered a cardiac arrest and the lifeguards started CPR until the ambulance arrived. Chris was then taken to the Gold Coast hospital and immediately put on life support in the Acute Care Unit.

Chris has since been allowed to return home after showing good signs of recovery. However, when at home he suffered a further set-back when he contracted pneumonia as a result of the amount of sea water in is lungs. He is now on medication for that and slowly improving. It's going to be a long time before Chris gets back to normal as he still can't walk yet, but can stand with help.

On top of this, Chris and his family are having to battle the horrendous floods that have now hit Brisbane and Queensland in general.

Chris and his wife Linda would like to thank everybody in the UK for their concern and messages of support.

Karl Court

General Secretary

Aston Villa Former Players Association

Just found that last link from a twitter search. Looks like he is going to be alright.

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get well soon! used to love watching him play in the late 80s and was 1 of my favourites from an era that still seems magical ( i miss those days in a way).

he scored a number of vital goals in his 2nd spell at rovers too. great player. best wishes.

Here here :tu:

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