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[Archived] Sponsor?

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Fair play Ben. I agree.

However, again, it demonstrates that what they can take out is more important than what they can bring in. It should be a case of "oh my fecking word, we've been relegated, how the flying feck are we going to afford all this?"

Instead we pisz away more money on a sackful of crap players from Portugal who aren't good enough for our starting 11.

A sponsor? That would surely mean having to interact with Rovers fans / people. Sod that. That's clearly not in their best interests.

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it gets worse , i've heard off a member of the groundstaff that most of the advertising hoardings round the pitch havent been sponsored either

My mate had a box for the last 3 seasons but didnt renew this time. Rovers have been phoning up every week begging them to come back. Theyve offered a massive reduction but get the same answer(not until Kean goes).

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Does anybody know if the picture doing the rounds on Facebook, with the Rovers shirt and the 3 mobile sponsor are genuine, or just a photoshop effort?

I think it is photoshop effort referencing Shebby Singh's comment that Kean would be sacked if we lost the first "3" games.

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So we have virtually no sponsorship, barely any corporate sales(?), halved our season ticket sales, and are allegedly under investigation by the only recognisable brand willing to be associated with us, Umbro. Oh, and we no longer have the Premier League brand or income to lean on.

Yet we seem to be able to buy new players and apparently offer top dollar for a League One striker, and, by complete coincidence, all since we changed to an Indian bank.

If Venkys are not putting any of their own cash in (which is apparently against league fair play rules anyway) then we really are goosed. It's hard so see a happy ending.

Yet they won't remove the one person who is the root cause of all of their problems. (I say that with a view that if everything was fine on the pitch the pressure on Venkys would be greatly reduced).

I guess this is why people are prepared to give Singh a chance.

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Wayne Wild on twitter about WEC ending relationship with BRFC

Wayne Wild

@CryerRovers Told directly from a senior source that SK and PA did not want to have continued link with us.

So I guess that means that they have another sponsor lined up. Just like they did when they didn't renew with Crown... oh wait.

I also assume this lays to rest any thoughts that Kean is not still top dog at Ewood, no matter how fancy Singh's office is.

EDIT: oh, and he continues to cost Venkys another income stream? What's next, no more matchday hotdogs?

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