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[Archived] Rovers V Brighton


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Are you suggesting that you could be Chaddy's father?

If some bird

Very sanctimonious. Playing the old 'it's not just me who hates you chaddy, all my online chums do too blah blah blah' is classic bullying. As is suggesting he gets banned, even though he hasn't broken any forum rules as i can see.

IMO chaddy brings just as much to this board as many others. He posts helpful links and generally tries to engage constructively with other people. Compare this to the people who just post 'everything @#/?' 'bowyer @#/?' 'Venkyscum' endlessly everyday and very little else. There are quite a few of them but you don't seem to have a problem with them. Chaddy's real problem is that his viewpoint differs from the professional moaners on here, so they all gang up on him and quote his posts with a disparaging remark or two underneath. A bit like you with your 'goldfish' comment. Sometimes he reacts , but then who wouldn't if the same 4 or 5 people were always on his case, quoting his posts and belittling him. It reminds me of that film 'Mean Girls', which one of you is Lyndsay Lohan?

And before anyone says anything me and Chaddy do not remind anyone of Brokeback Mountain. Goddit. Good :)

The first sentence clearly states I cannot stand chaddy and yet you say what you say. Bizarre?

Chaddyisum: a description of those who cannot remember what they read 5 seconds earlier or goldfish syndrome. Everyone was fine with Chaddy for a long time, no-one is bullying him, he demands things of others and to be treated a certain way and yet doesn't treat others as he expects to be treated. You clearly are under 25 as all the majority of your generation gets is me me me me me, one day you'll realise others count too and you need to factor them in as well.

just so you know that by telling me how to act morally you just became a hypocritical sanctimonious person, for doing exactly the same to me

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