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[Archived] Fulham - Sunday 13Th September

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So Raya keeps his first clean sheet to then be promptly dropped. That'll boost his confidence, Gaz. If Akpan is fit he should be starting, while what he continues to see in Spurr other than a long throw I do not know.

Lowe will be injured if he's not in the 18, Chaddy.

Bowyer all over, just like he drops players who score.
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Rhodes to score the first goal today. 5/1 odds with Sky bet.

people wanted Bowyer to drop Raya or thought that Steele should start the season as 1st choice.

so Bowyer drops Raya in favour for Steele and people still moan

Come on Chaddy don't be flippant surely you can see the issue here?

Raya had 2 or 3 howlers and wasn't dropped then played well and kept a clean sheet and got dropped then.

It's rank bad management same as a manager clearly playing his favourites over players who deserve to be playing.

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Not confident at all on this one. Lowe being out is a blessing in disguise, I don't wish injury upon people but the up side is, he's not playing.

Good to see Guthrie starting, shame about Olsson, koita and Akpan being benched.

Looks like my wonderful in-laws will be making sure I miss the game, b*****d's!.

Desperate for the win but I just can't see it.

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Well well the keeper rotation has started. Not like some of us didn't expect it and it would have happened even if we'd won the last 3 imo. It's getting beyond a joke now we must have had a different starting line up for virtually every game so far. You just know it'll change even if we win.

Rotation rotation. Although I do now expect us to play a lot better after golden boy has been left out, might even win. The lads foot must have been hanging off though.

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So Raya keeps his first clean sheet to then be promptly dropped. That'll boost his confidence, Gaz.

Very very odd that.

Do players' contracts have quotas for playing time? Is there a rule that if you score or keep a clean sheet you are dropped? Is Bowyer just trying to make everyone happy? Is he inept? Does he really have a tombola machine?

The Lowe thing needs sorting. He's only ever out when he is injured. It's about time he was started on the bench and used to kill a game - something he may well be good at.

Resale value seems to be the priority at the moment.

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If you've started playing him you shouldn't drop him unless of prolonged bad form.

So can it chaddy. Stop misrepresenting things just because you want to suckup to your hero

No need.

None of us know what goes on in training. Raya might have been throwing them in the net all week. Steele might have been looking good. Raya's confidence might be shot due to his bad start to the season. Who knows? One clean sheet at home to a poor Bolton doesn't mean he's suddenly hit form. He's still a young kid, a bit of time out of the limelight might do him good.

I fully expect Steele to have a howler now. ;)

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