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After not getting any minutes in the qualifiers, I thought maybe the manager didn’t rate him after seeing him in the flesh for the first time. Less likely to be the case though if he’s in the Copa squad. 

All or at least some games on BBC I think, albeit late at night for us here.

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Hello all. Thought I'd register on here tonight as I'm a Stoke fan living in Chile for the past 15 years, following the local football all that time through thick and thin, completely bewildered by th

I suspect what’s happened here is as follows... Brereton has performed poorly, again, and been subbed off. A few people have made ironic cheers, maybe the odd couple have booed, and a few people

I agree that £7 for an unproven player was not a good investment, regardless of what happens now.   It must be difficult for many of the true Rovers fans here [i just showed up and confess to not

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57 minutes ago, simongarnerisgod said:

im`e desperate for ben to get on the pitch and make a good impact,im`e even more desperate for the chile manager to bring him on up front and he plays a blinder,it will show what a complete pillock of a manager mowbray is

No what will show Mowbray as a poor manager, is if Ben plays well up front for Chile, then Mowbray plays him on the wing.

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It's 1:1, Argentina have brought on Angel Di Maria in a very competitive game and I kid you not Ben Brereton looks to be coming on for Chile


Edit: we have ourselves a bone fide south American international footballer on the books

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If someone had told you a couple of years ago that Ben Brereton was going to be sharing a pitch with Messi in 2021 (or, ever, really) you'd have called them a damned dirty liar!

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10 minutes ago, oozy said:

Brereton 'Diaz' on the back of his shirt- Must be his mother's surname.

Imagine he has that on his Rovers shirt next year!

I'll be incredibly disappointed if he doesn't.

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3 minutes ago, AspRover said:

Christ he actually looks, you know... good

Looks sharp doesn't he.

Both been poor, but he's twice the player SG is.

Should be ahead of him on the team sheet every time. 

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2 minutes ago, oozy said:

I'd probably buy that!

We know a guy selling Brereton Diaz 22 Chile tops for cheap..

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