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[Archived] Rovers 0 Newcastle 3


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Sunday 18 September sees Alan Shearer arriving with Newcastle for his last match at Ewood Park as a player (barring any cup competitions, of course).

Newcastle is off to their usual slow start - 2 points from 5 matches sees them sitting in the relegation zone, but hopes have risen with the arrival of Michael Owen to spearhead the attack alongside Shearer. Unfortunately for them (yet fortunately for us), their midfield will be without Albert Luque, Scott Parker and Emre.

Rovers, with 5 points from 5 matches sit mid-table in 12th, but fans were given hope by the debut of David Bentley, who brought us the midfield attack and creativity we've been looking for since the departure of David Dunn's hamstring.

New Geordie board regular Paddyk was kind enough to answer some questions in advance of the match (THANKS!!):

Not the greatest of starts this season, huh? Why has that been the case in the past few years?

we are just slow starters!!

Just as it was looking like you were getting a pretty good squad together, along come the injuries and suspensions (perfect timing for us). When (if?) healthy, where do you see your strengths and weaknesses?

weaknesses are at the back, we need a lb/rb and one decent cb, boomsong and taylor look ok and with bramble for backup it just seems light, babayaro!! not good enough and steve carr, not as good as when at spurs

Is this really the last season for Shearer?


What has he meant to the club?

loads, to be honest many fans think he should have called it a day last year, he has looked off the pace this year, but hopfully with the new signings things will come right for him,

Do people who feel sorry for him realize he actually has won a premiership champions medal?

yes haha, its a shame a man of the stature of shearer only has 1 medal,

Who do you see as Rovers biggest threats?

if fit, then bellas he will want to prove one hell of a lot on sunday, also the midfield is strong and watching mgp at the end of last season, he seems to be a canny ;little pllayer

Everything (including managers) staying the same, where do you see both clubs finishing the season in the table?

rovers 10th nufc 5th

Do you see Owen staying on for the long-term, becoming the next Shearer for Newcastle?

no he will not be the new shearer, he will be the new Owen, i think he will stay, a lot has been said about clauses in the contract, i believe these do not exsist, micheal will stay on and become a hero in his own right

Everyone else wants to know, though I'm trying to avoid the topic: Souness out?

hhmmm not just souness but the rest of his muppets, how many hamstring injurys can one club have, honestly though, the tide is turning on him, people have backed him, the media have a pop at fans booing and calling for his head, yes, its happened but most anger is directed at Shepherd, but i think unless we win on sunday we will be looking for a gaffer by monday

Finally, your prediction?

oh thats a tough one, brfc 1 nufc2

Oh yeah, this match also sees the return to Ewood of our former manager, Graeme Souness. Love him (promotion, Worthy Cup and 6th place finish) or hate him (he snubbed your kid when he was mascot; he managed that other Scottish club, even though you had an animal attraction to him) he was an important part of Rovers in the first half of the century. He's brought us such players as Lucas Neil, MGP, Brad Friedel, Tugay, Andy Todd, Brett Emerton and Steven Reid. Unfortunately he also brought us such players as Grabbi, Amo (though you might argue he's good when healthy, he hasn't been healthy enough to justify his purchase), Dwight Yorke and Brett Emerton. The aftermath and those praying for his sacking reminds me of when someone gets dumped: Yeah, I'm better off without her anyhow, I hope ends up on a regemin of penicillin!!

My prediction: 2-2 - Reid and Bellamy for us, Owen for them, and Shearer to grab a late equalizer. (Though I'd love to see the texts from Bellamy to Shearer if we win!!)

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great post as usual!! thanks loads!!

I got a real feeling that we will take this 1 and then as this fan said: sounesss out!! wow that b sooo good if loosing to us made this happen!!! hahaah serves him right for leavin like that ( even though loved him all the way up till the end of the season b4 he left us)

so just wanted to say!! I think we have a great chance with shearer not at his best and owen not on form!! then parker,emre and luque arnt even there!! and souness loves bramble!! hahahaha great news for us!!

also did yall c the newcastle game vs man u!!! boumsong was responsible for 2 goals and his defending on those 2 goals was sooooooooooo bad!!!!


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Excellent preview American (and paddy k). Head in sand over the Owen contract- his release clause is every bit as real as Bellamy's £6m get out if offered by a club in the Champions League in summer 2006 (well that rules out a return to Newcastle under new management!).

Feeling insanely optimistic about this game. I know Souness was brilliant at motivating Rovers for big opposition (which he might regard us as given his history) or desperate situations (which he but not the team is in- yet). So I expect NUFC to be highly motivated and playing an attacking high tempo game. Not that NUFC have the personnel available who are capable of playing 4-5-1 and shutting the match up.

This should make for a very entertaining free flowing match.

With Bellamy back, I expect Hughes will work on the basis that our 4-4-2 is better than their 4-4-2 and stick with the same back 4 we saw at Bolton. Hopefully the midfields 4 is MGP, Sav, Reid and Bentley (Tugay and Moko on the bench) and the 2 would be great to see Bellamy and Jansen but I suspect the Newcastle defence will need a bit of Kuqui bullying for us to get the "best" return out of them.

I think Rovers will win. It could be close: 3-2 or it could be a 5-2 repeat. Could get a bit tasty with Bowyer and Savage possibly in confrontation. Quite likely it will not be eleven v eleven at the final whistle- big challenge for Hughes to keep his players' discipline in order. We can be pretty sure that Souness will lose it big time at some point.

The Scottish accountant sat close to him will no doubt be on her most ladylike behaviour.

Perhaps Souness will get fired at Ewood after all.

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I agree with putting Bentley on the right but if we do play a 4 I think we need Mokoena in there - he's the only player we have who can regularly break down opposition attacks and with Reid and Sav both prone to making forward runs I think his calming influence in the middle is essential.

















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I'd swap Bentley and Reid. Reid looked much more dangerous on the wing, and Bentley showed the ability to move a bit around the pitch to create chances.

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hhmmm not just souness but the rest of his muppets, how many hamstring injurys can one club have,

Now where have seen this before biggrin.gif

Personally I feel this will come down to what formation we play - play with some attacking nous and the Geordie rearguard will crumble - play negatively and I feel that Souness will have the last laugh.

We need to go at them.

As for the score - will leave until later this week

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Have always loved this match, and it always seems to have added signifcance, usually with Rovers coming out on top. Winning the Prem, getting into Europe, Shearer's first return since his move to Newcastle - all were cracking occassions with Rovers taking home the spoils. All were settled by some pretty cracking goals as well - from Shearer Gally and Sutton. Added to which we've had a few exciting draws as well in recent years so expectations of a good game are definately high.

Interestingly both teams have grudges to settle, most of the Rovers team over Souness, who I suspect isn't going to get a good reception, whilst Souey & Shearer will want to get one back on a certain new signing of ours. It's a pity that Todd isn't able to play and that Neill won't get a chance to pay back Robert for a nasty wack a few years back to crank it up an extra few notches. Nevertheless I still think that it's going to be a pretty intense occasion.

Rovers should feel optimistic. Anyone who watched match of the day last weekend saw Newcastle put in one of the most shambolic defensive displays ever against Fulham, who must be wondering how they didn't win. Even Rovers and our lack of goals must be thinking this is the way to finish off our scoring problems.

Rovers have every chance of outfighting Newcastle especially with Emre and Parker absent, and Jenas no longer there. Hence a 4-4-2 and our combatative nature should be enough to out fight the barcodes, the 4-5-1 would be an overkill in this situation, and wouldn't really take advantage of the rabbit-in-the headlights defending that Newcastle seem so fond of producing.

My team therefore would be:

Friedel - automatic

Neill - been performing very well

Matteo - Souness seems not to believe in wingers, and as Carr played right mid last week I don't see Matteo having too much trouble with regards to pace, unless Owen uses the channels. Added to which his utter lack of offensive capabilities will not be as important a factor in a 4-4-2 formation.

Nelsen - immense and instructed to mark Owen

Mokoena/Zurab - I'd be tempted to go for Moko, as he seems a bit more physical and better in the air, which will be needed against Shearer. With Nelsen to partner him maybe he'll be less impetuous and more disciplined. Zurab seemed to have a hard time against Davies.

Reid - combatative, can get stuck in and dominate the Newcs midfield, as well as being able to get forward and terrorise the barcodes defence.

Savage - ditto

Emerton - played well in the 2nd half, added to which Emerton is more defense minded than Bentley which could be all important in a 4 man midfield.

MGP - if he whips those crosses into the Newcastle box there'll be havoc.

Bellamy - point to prove and will pounce on any defensive lapses.

Jansen - whilst not a sphysically robust as he once was, all Jansen's goals last season seemed instinctive and opportunistic. The barcodes are more then likely to help jog Matty's predatory instincts and the lad is far more likely to snap up any mistakes and chances then Kuqi with his touch of a fairy elephant.

subs; Enks, Tugs, Zurab, Bentley, Kuqi.

The biggest worry for me is Owen but I reckon the best way to stop him is to deny him service. With our combatative approach hopefully this'll limit the service to Owen and dominate the midfield. Having said that I wouldn't be suprised if Hughes stuck with the 4-5-1 returning Tugay to the starting line up.

Souness' last game with the barcodes - quite possibly.

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A right royal week finishes with a Rovers win 1-0 (although I have dreamt a 3-0 Rovers win).

The aussies sack Ponting as skipper

McGrath announces his retirement along with three or four other elder players

Flintoff made a freeman of Lancashire

Chelsea lose in Europe

Manure and fergie take some of the aussie sportsmanship and actually congratulate their opponents following two losses in the week


Monday morning Sourness gets sacked !!! tinykit.gif

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even though the game is on sky is on p.p.v for £7 bucks. hopefully people won't be put off paying a few quid more to go to ewood park and offer their vocals for the afternoon. maybe we will have a sell out. thumbs-up.gif

i'm sure alot of people would like to say a few words to souness and more impotant, watch a cracking game of footy!!

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Hoping for a good game, with of course Rovers coming out on top. Hoping Bellamy is fit as well for this one and that Bentley carries on where he left off in the Bolton game and plays another blinder.

Main worry is of course Owen, but if their midfield is knackered (suspensions, injuries) then that is where we can stifle them and stop the service.

3 points for us and Souness on the brink (bringing in Owen has only taken the attention off him as manager)

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i have refrained from posting on the preview threads as we always seem to lose when i do! but i can't resist it this time, so please forgive me should anything untoward happen!

but i really think (its a gut feeling) that we're gonna take this one. i wouldn't begrudge big al one last goal at ewood, so long as we score more. i'm also pretty sure that owen will score (face it... almost everyone breaks their duck against us). so i'm going for a thrilling 3-2 victory for us, with emerton, jansen and bellamy netting the injury time winner, and in the process, hammering the final nail in souey's black and white coffin. smile.gif

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