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[Archived] Wisla Krakow Match Chat

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Blackburn Rovers clashes Wisła Kraków in UEFA Cup Group Stage.

Time: 19th October, 16.45 CET

Place: Kraków, 22 Reymonta Street, at Wisla’s Stadium („Stadion Wisły”)

Supporters of both clubs pay much attention to this match, both hoping their team to reach a good score at thursday evening. For polish fans it is much clear with whom they will compete, as Premiership is one of the best known leagues in the world. But fans from UK cannot see the opponent on TV or read about east-european football in newspapers. The question arises – who really Wisla is and what should Rovers expect from the game in Kraków.

Let’s get a few facts from history first. Wisła has been established in 1906, the same as its local rival Cracovia. Both are considered to be the oldest polish clubs. Before the II WW and in communist times won polish league title 5 times. The club took part in international competions too– biggest succes was quaterfinal of champion’s cup in 1978/79 season.

But the best times for the club has started in the late 90s, when it has been bought by Bogusław Cupiał, one of the richest man in Poland, owner of Telefonika, great cables producent. The man who’s fortune is worth more than $0.5 bln acquired Wisla in 1997, intending to create a team that will dominate domestic competition. The second goal was to at least qualify regurarly to Champions League, full with international fame and money. The first thing has been reached soon. Wisla bought best footballers playing on polish pitches, during 8 recent years won the local title 5 times.

International games - more interesting from Rovers’ point of view - weren’t so satisfactioning in general. Wisla indeed scored some significant results in single games, like beating Real Saragossa 4:1, Inter Milan 1:0, loosing with great Barca only 3:4, draw with AC Parma at it’s best years 1:1 - but gates to the CL were still closed. Great moments in Europe brought season 2002/03, when led by experienced coach Henryk Kasperczak Wisla defeated AC Parma and Schalke 04. Lazio Rome eliminated the Poles finally in 1/8 of UEFA Cup, only with the difference of 1 goal. The same about Panathinaikos in summer 2005, who shot the goal deciding about entering the Champions League just 3 minutes before the end of the competition! Along with good records, there were also a bunch of painful losses. Disastrous defeats with georgian Dinamo Tbilisi, norwegian Valereenga Oslo and Vittoria Guimares from portugal (the same season in wich portuguese team was relegated from their ligue) almoust led Wisla’s owner to abandon the club. This team seems to be high unpredictable – at good day beating sharks, next time swallowed by roach.

However playing many times with misfortune, created Wisla a collective that should be treated with respect, even if last two years it’s strenght weakened much. Many of its players have european cups expierence, plays in national team too. Only one week ago polish national team with combative right-wing Jakub Błaszczykowski and tough defence midfielder Radosław Sobolewski (both play in Wisla) defeated Portugal, full of first-sort football stars. Wisla’s coach is now Dragomir Okuka from Serbia, who in 2001/02 won the polish ligue with.... Legia Warsaw, biggest Wisla’s opponent in recent years. The team prefers technical football with a lot of direct passes, is considered to be local version of Barcelona, playing fooball wich is not only efficient, but also beautiful for eye.

Other players at whom more attention should be paid:

Marcin Baszczyński, experienced right-back who has played for Wisla and polish national team for more than 7 years.

Cleber, brasilian full-back with very good technique, confident in defence and sometimes dangerous in opponent’s box.

Emilian Dolha, romanian goalkeeper, with great reflex.

It’s very hard to estimate the result even if Wisła is, of course, considerably weaker team than Rovers. Taking care only about differences in players abilities, Rovers should win after hard match, let’s say 2:1 or draw. But, as Poles are so unpredictable, not mentioning that this is only football – numbers after the match can differ as 3:0 from 0:3.


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couple more facts that I've forgotten or couldn't write in first post:

Wisla's results in UEFACup this year:

Wisla vs Mattersburg (Austria) 1:1 away, 1:0 home

Wisla vs Iraklis Thessaloniki loss 0:1 @ home, than won 2:0 away after extra time.

(after lost first match with Iraklis the club sacked the coach, Dan Petrescu. New one become Dragomir Okuka, who managed to take the revenge in Thessaloniki and provided more creativity in team's attacks.)

Other important players, injured after last league match, but today proved to play with Rovers:

Nicola Mijajlovic - represents Serbia in national youngsters team, very agressive left defender. Hot head, controversial at the pitch and outside of it. Pupile of supporters.

Mauro Cantoro - DM from Argentina. Good technique, retaking the ball when he has it is a very though task.

Jean Paulista - fast, bright brasilian forward/midfielder, very good dribler. Not scoring a lot, but creates meny situations for others.

First squad will probably look as that (classic 4-4-2, numbers from shirts in brackets)


Baszczyński(4) --- Dudka(18) ---- Cleber(25) --- Mijajlovic(10)

Błaszczykowski(16)--Sobolewski(7)- Cantoro(20)-- Zieńczuk(17)

Paulista(5) ---Radovanovic(33)

and bench like that:

Pawełek (1) - goalkeeper

Kryszałowicz(14) - forward

Thwaite (2) - australian NT defender

Stolarczyk (3) - left defender

Varga (26) - DM

Penksa (99) - forward/midfielder

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One question from me too - is there a possibility to download all match with english comments after few days? There is a couple of polish sites with football material copied from TV and linked at the net. Don't you know any similar? If you do, just give some PM where I can find it. Pitiful i cannot go to see the match, even in TV but I would like to see it later, somehow.

I'd like also to hear english journalists breaking their tonques trying to say "Bwash-cheek-ovsky" "Krree-shawoveetch" and so on ;) should be pretty laughable for me :D English people speaking polish words is something like Arabs or Hindi speaking English. :)

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I'd be happy with a draw but have a feel we are going to sneak this one 2-1 with McCarthy and Pedersen scoring.

Off to Geordie land now and hoping to be abck intime for the KO!

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Hey!Surely there won't be any DVD available as far as I know from the Polish side.But u can watch it down under on SBS:)

Coming up on SBS

Highlights during The World Game

Oct 22: Wisla Krakow v Blackburn (UEFA Cup)

Oct 29: Marseille v Lyon (Ligue 1)

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