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Boro V Rovers match thread

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150px-Middlesbrough_crest_old.png Vs 150px-Blackburn_crest.png

Evening ladies and gentlemen, i hope we have all had a pleasant break? I personally went on tour in Europe, enjoyed Amsterdam immensely :) and got myself a new pair of predator boots for the new season, for the price i paid i should see a return of at least 40 goals for my new club St.Ishmaels.

Welcome to the presty on tour preview!

1st up for the 2007/08 premiership season on the Rovers calender are Middlesbrough away. Happy days i thought as Blackburn have done well in the north over recent seasons and we have won our last 4 games against Boro in all competitions.

Well then lets have a chat about Middlesbrough, owned by local haulage entrepreneur Steve Gibson. They have had a roller coaster ride over the years, remember the days of Ravernelli, Emerson, Festa, Juninho etc ended up that season with 2 final defeats and relegation!

Boro have only won 1 major trophy in 131 years by beating Notlob in the 2004 Carling Cup Final 2-1 and only recently have this side made serges through europe only to then get spanked in the final 4-0 by Sevilla.

With the progress made by Steve Mclaren, the FA turned to him to be the savior of the English national side and lead England to world domination.

With alot of messing about and several CV's being sent to the Boro board from members of the public with their fa manager and champ records, Gareth "i love taking penalties" Southgate was appointed the on 7th of June 2006, 2 days before the world cup started. Gareth was a co-commentator for Clive Tyldesley during this tournament but then realised he was useless on the mic and remembered he had a new job and there might be some work to in north England. He was replaced before the knockouts by David Pleat. as co-commentator that is.

Gareth Southgate's managerial record reads 47 games with a win percentage of 27.65%.

For me Boro are a team i fancy for the drop, i think Southgate is not premiership manager material and will struggle. The bookies seem to agree with me and have them 6th fav 4/1 to go down and a long shot 750/1 to win the league.

So what have they done so far in the transfer window,

players in:

Woodgate from Real Madrid, struggles with injuries, played about 2 mins in la liga scoring a few own goals along the way. Boro man thorough and through.

Aliadiere from Arsenal, a Wenger reject. Had potential and promise.

Tuncay from Fenerbarche, turkish striker signed on a free, early reports look a good player.

Young from charlton, relegated captain, england fringe player.

Also in Boro, a new red and white oxo cube is about to be introduced, it will be called "laughing stock" haha sorry the old ones are the best.

players out:

viduka has gone to their rivals Newcastle, Parnaby to big club and Christie and Graham released.

As for middlesbrough's pre season games if they mean anything, for the record the beat Carlisle, Darlington, Az, lost to Hibs and drew with Hertha Berlin and suffered a terrible 1-1 draw with the Burnley scum.

these boys are here for the taking imo.

As for little old Blackburn Rovers, the bookies have us a tasty 500/1 for the tittle and 14/1 to get relegated.

Hughes once again has been shrewd in the market by bringing in Roqor Santa Cruz, the champions league winner, 6 German titles to his name and Paraguay international super striker. Maceo Rigters the dutch euro u21 striker who won the championships also picking up the tournaments golden boot award and Gunnar Nielsen the young F.Islands goalkeeper impressed on trial and earned himself a contract with the Ewood giants.

Sparky also gave the boot to Andy Todd and Mickey Gray after they were told they were surplus to requirements and went to derby and wolves respectivily.

Nonda is back at Roma after his loan spell where he still hasn't been forgiven for that miss against Leverkusen!!!!

In our pre-season, the highlights included Robbie Savage having a well nice welcome back in Wrexham, we took out Lithuanian outfit FK Vetra 6-0 on agg in the intertoto and we gave Lawro's Preston a pasting down Deepdale!

Teams picked from:

Middlesbrough: Schwarzer , Turnbull , Jones , Young , Arca , Riggott , Woodgate , Pogatetz , Huth , Davies , Bates , McMahon , Taylor , Hines , Southgate , Cooper , Mendieta , Boateng , Rochemback , Downing , Morrison , Cattermole , Johnson , Walker , Sanli , Euell , Lee , Yakubu , Aliadiere , Craddock

Blackburn Rovers: Friedel , Enckelman , Brown , Nielsen , Khizanishvili , Nelsen , Henchoz , Ooijer , Samba , Warnock , Ollson, Berner , Kane , Tugay , Emerton , Savage , Reid , Mokoena , Dunn , Peter , McCarthy , Rigters , Gallagher , Santa Cruz , Derbyshire , Roberts , Barker , Nelson , Bentley , Pedersen , Treacy

Looking at the squads, we are so much stronger imo. Hughes must be loving the fact that he has the luxury of selection problems in all areas.

Time is almost up, Saturday is almost upon us. Mad sesh on!!!! :)

3pm at the Riverside, will we see season tickets thrown at dugouts, Xmas come early or even Hughes and Southgate come to blows on the sidelines.

Let's go to the riverside, play them of the park, shoot over to Finland, get the job done, get back to Ewood, Arsenal aren't gonna be armed with bad breath, colorful language or a feather duster(yes i luv Lock Stock) as they are the gunners but if we win these 3 games we are on for a well tidy season imo.

The signings look well good, reid will be back this season, we luv the small town in Europe business again, we've got tidy new umbro kits, we could be going places!!!!

believe and keep the faith. :brfc:

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Ah the first preview. You just know its on its way now - 4 more days 4 more days 4 more days.

I get to have my first day out since the baby was born. 12 start. Off to the bookies first for the old silly accumulator but then depending on what odds they have for us I am thinking of laying down £15 on a Rovers win here. NEVER have I been so sure of a win on the first day - I just feel it in my bones:-

1-3 The Yak for them and Benni - Santa and Samba for us.

BRING IT ON :rover:

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Right, I'm off on me way to Boro. See you all there Saturday.


I thought that I would set off on Sat morning rather than today; I can't understand these chaps from Chorley who would rather spend a few days of their summer hols in the likes of Middlesboro or Billingham. Oz, if you really want to live it up then why not try a couple of days in the Yorkshire Dales with a few sheep or alternatively the beach in Bridlington, beats the smoke and grime of Middlesboro and Billingham any day.

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From what I've gathered from other threads it appears he is doing a bit of travelling (including Scotland if I remember correctly), so it isn't as if he is planning on spending several days in Middlesbrough.

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3-1 us........

southgate for them (penalty)

peders, mac daddy and a tugay 70 yard volley clearance whilst defending a corner.........

:lol: cant wait for it all to unfold (the season that is).............

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Its actually quite hard to pick a team... I guess I would go for:




Warnock--Nelsen ©--Samba---Emerton


Subs: Brown, Ooijer, Tugay, Savage/Derbyshire, Santa Cruz.

Boro are going to look at that side and be very scared. Every single player has something to offer. The overloading down the flanks is going to put severe pressure on their defence (4 players who can cross very well, Emerton and Warnock tireless on the overlap), while the spine of the team is full of power and strength to hassle them when they have the ball. It is hard to see how a weakened Boro can expect much from this game (although in Downing and Tuncay they do have threat out wide themselves, and the Yak is dangerous when on form, so I suppose anything is possible).

I think this will be the game where Dunn hits full speed in the Premiership. Such is Sparky's faith in Savage that its a bit contentious to leave him out of the side but Dunn has done well in preseason and Savage is having problems with his shin. 2-0 to Rovers- Roberts and Dunn.

Its going to be fun too roll out a top class striker like Santa with half an hour left to feed on the quality deliveries from out wide.

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My start 11:


Warnock   Samba Nelsen   Ooijer

Pedersen  Savage  Dunn   Bentley

         Benni  Roberts

Santa Cruz

1-2 :rover:

Benni & Benley

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Pedersen----Dunn----The Axe----Bentley

Warnock--Nelsen -----Samba---Emerton


Subs: Brown, Ooijer, Tugay, Savage, Derbyshire/Roberts

I think this looks right and I bet you a tenner it is how they will come out. :lol:

1-3 (my bad)

McCarthy, Santa, Pedersen. and some sclaff from Boro

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Pedersen----Dunn----The Axe----Bentley

Warnock--Nelsen -----Samba---Emerton


Subs: Brown, Ooijer, Tugay, Savage, Derbyshire/Roberts

I think this looks right and I bet you a tenner it is how they will come out. :lol:


3-1! :unsure:

I'll have a tenner at those odds.

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Do you guys think he'll leave out Sav? I'm not sure I think we'll go out cautious and play:

MGP---SAV--MOKO---BENTS in midfield.

I also think its too early for Emerton to come back in, so Oojier will play.

Hopefully we'll nick a couple of goals, my prediction is:

Boro 1 - 2 Rovers (McCarthy, Roberts)

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Do you guys think he'll leave out Sav? I'm not sure I think we'll go out cautious and play:

MGP---SAV--MOKO---BENTS in midfield.

No, well I wouldn't. But I'd like to see Tugay instead of the Axe start.





Subs:- Derbyshire, Mokoena, Brown, Santa Cruz, Dunn

70mins Robbo off, Santa on

75mins Benni off, Derbs on

80mins Tugay off, the Axe on

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It's interesting to see that a few of you have gone for the Axe and Dunn in midfield. I think it's a straight choice of either Sav/Tugay or Dunn/Axe. As far as I'm concerned they don't really work very well in any other combination.

For instance, if you had Tugay and Dunn, there is no one to break up the play, whereas if Sav and the Axe play together the passing is limited. Dunn and Savage both like to play further forward, whereas the Axe and Tugay both sit deep.

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0-3 to the Rovers, although Boro _could_ get a goal with Tuncay and Yakubu up front, I'd expect their rather threadbare defence to make it hard for them.

Benni, Bentley and Roberts, for me.

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Normally would say a win, however first game of the season, hum...the hell with it we should be fresher and they have a few injuries, 2-1 to us!

I will be there, going to be in the centre first checking out sunderland spurs in a pub before making my way through the industrial wasteland to witness what will hopefully be the first win of many :rover:

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