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[Archived] Experienced Premier League Striker Target...


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Ok so we can all link the Pogrebnyaks and Cardoza’s of the world to the club….but according to the LT the transfer target is an experienced premier league striker right now...so for now keep those dreams for the summer window perhaps.

So looking at who they say COULD BE targets…which would you prefer us to sign?? Consider price, the future & the way we play etc and who you think would be the best bit of business...(Mods would be good to do a poll please?)

Carew (31) – Villa

Santa Cruz (29) – Man City

Robbie Keane (30) – Spurs

Jo(23) – Man City

David Ngog (21) – Liverpool

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blimey thats hard because it depends on the deal.

I think jo though as he is 23, very young and bags of potential.

However, Sam he might want to take an oldy and get a few more years out of him.

I wouldn't say no to any of them mind.

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apart from santa.. im not a big fan of any of the others on the list...

i think the best choice.. out of those would be robbie keane.. he's quick and would compliment our other forwards.. (though 'sam the slug' would probably play him wide)

im suprised kevin davies isnt on that list.. or alan smith or michael owen.. ;)

smith or owen would be no nos for me.. but this is sam we are talking about.

another missing from the list is the most experienced of all... kevin ..."blackburn have a lot to thank jack hayward for.." phillips!

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Don't understand the Robbie Keane link, he'll not run down the channels and spend his time controlling the ball with his shoulder.....

If I had to pick 1 i'd pick Santa Cruz, but the list is uninspiring to be honest.

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I would'nt entertain any of them, maybe Keane if we played a different type of football.

The problem with buying a proven Prem striker is that they are bloody expensive, I think we should have sent more scouts out looking for a striker with Premier league attributes.

No striker is guaranteed to score goals whether he has Prem experience or not.

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Not sure how Keane would fit in even though quality players can usually fit in pretty quickly - mind you, there could be other clubs in for him too.

Carew is hot and cold – would he work hard enough as we cannot carry passengers

Santa – only really had one good season in English football – proven track record of not staying fit.

Jo – has potential but poor attitude

Ngog – not convinced but still young, maybe just needs to play?

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Benjani is an experienced premier league striker, but who actually rates him? Santa Cruz is proven average other than one season.

I dont think any on that list would guarantee goals, but id take Robbie keane or jo. Infact Robbie Keane would be a decent player to play the Dunn role sam wants back up for with Jo as the main striker.

Thankfully no one has mentioned Emile Heskey. I bet Sam loves him as a player aswel.

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Thankfully no one has mentioned Emile Heskey.

Thankfully Houllier loves him!

Gav - you say 'but the list is uninspiring to be honest' - perhaps true but how many of them would you have over our current stirkers (i.e. Roberts/ Benjani)

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Assuming we're looking to play with the same formation and style as we have so far this season, the targets would surely be different to if we were looking to play another way.

Robbie Keane wouldn't fit into our current style/tactics, whereas your Heskeys/Davies'/Crouchs would perfectly.

If we were to look at a complete change and go with a front two, I reckon a Keane/Jo partnership - or any other similar small/big man front pairing - would do a cracking job.

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I have to say looking at Carew against L'Pool on Monday would be disappointed if we got him in. I would definitely not want to Jo his attitude stinks when he was on loan at Everton he went awol went back to his hometown did not even tell Moyes or anyone where he was Santa Cruz wouldn't mind only if he can prove his fitness would not take a risk with him also with him being 29 probably not many years left in himfrom that list either NGog or Keane both know where the net is and would do well here.

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