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[Archived] Rovers v Middlesbrough


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My first preview so be gentle :xmas:

Firstly a few interesting facts about our esteemed opponents

It is a sprawling industrial town on the banks of the Tees, but little over 200 years ago it was a tiny hamlet with just 25 residents sharing four farmhouses. Having been kicked out of Yorkshire in 1968 it became part of Teeside then Cleveland before Yorkshire mysteriously welcomed it back in 1996.

The area became noted for its iron and steel trade during the industrial revolution. By the early 20th century shipbuilding began on the Tees, during the Second World War it became a target for the Germans who wanted to destroy our capacity to produce steel and our rail network.

Arguably the most iconic structure is the Transporter Bridge which was completed in 1911 by Sir William Arrol and Co. Known locally as " The Tranny" and situated on the A178 Hartlepool to Middlesbrough road, it can transport 9 cars or 6 cars, one minibus or 200 people in a cradle (or Gondola) in just 90 seconds. The journey spans approximately 851 feet. It suffered bomb damage during WW2, in 1953 the cradle broke down in a gale and in 1974 the actor Terry Scott drove his car off one of the sides having mistakenly believing it was a normal road but luckily for fans of Terry and June the safety net came to his rescue.

Other famous icons from the town include the legendary Don Revie and his arch rival Brian Clough. Clough used to frequent Rea's Cafe which was owned by the family of gravel voiced musician Chris Rea. Free and occasional Queen lead vocalist Paul Rodgers hails from the town as does latest X Factor winnerJames Arthur, who claims to be a Boro fan.

Other notable boro descendants include Magician Paul Daniels, the late Wendy Richard (Pauline Fowler in EastEnders), Coronation Street actors Chris Quentin (Brian Tilsley) and Thelma Barlow (Mavis Riley).

As for the football club, known as the boro, or smoggies, they were formed in 1876, have had relative recent success with the League cup win in 2004 and their run to the UEFA final the following year. Famously reached two cup finals in 1997, losing both and getting relegated. The three points they were deducted for failing to fulfill a fixture against us ultimately proving the difference!!!

The stadium

The Riverside Stadium, named by the supporters of the club after a vote, became the club's home in 1995. It was the first stadium to be built in line with the Taylor Report's recommendations on all-seater stadia for clubs in the top two divisions.


Middlesbrough have one of the highest proportions in Britain of locally-born season ticket holders at 80%, and one of the highest proportions of female fans at 20%.A survey at the start of the 200708 season found Middlesbrough supporters were the seventh loudest set of fans in the Premier League. I have always found it fairly quiet on my previous visits but there you go!

Head to head

In 124 matches to date we have won 56, drew 31 and lost 37, away from home we have an impressive 23 wins to boros 25 wins, so it is generally a happy hunting ground for us (kiss of death).

I looked back at the game I attended in 2007, Hughes in charge, opening game and a 2-1 victory for the lads. Second half goals from Derbyshire and Rocky clinching the win, the fans full of optimism and happy. How times change!! The team that day...

Friedel, Ooijer, Samba, Nelsen, Warnock, Bentley, Dunn (Mokoena 90), Savage, Pedersen, McCarthy (Santa Cruz 60), Roberts (Derbyshire 78).

Subs Not Used: Brown, Kerimoglu.


Former players

Wing wizard Stuart Ripley played 311 times for Boro, Craig Hignett, former managers Souness and Ince (shudders) had spells as players there, probably a whole host more I'm sure the gaps can be filled here!


Middlesbrough are currently riding high in 4th place, with a W 8 D 1 L 2 home record. I predict a mass descension of a fog like substance engulfing the pitch allowing Shebby to replace Berg in the dugout midway through the first half without anybody noticing and steering us to an improbable 3-2 victory. Oh and a lot of hangovers and turkey sandwiches being devoured.

Merry Christmas!!! :xmas:

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dont want sound pedantic but shouldnt it be 'boro vs rovers? dont want fans coming down to ewood thinking there is a game on!!!

as for the game 'boro 3 rovers 0

Did that yesterday !! :)

We will lose

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stay at home then, spend your money on something worthwhile like chocolate teapot

Our away following has been one of the very few things that Rovers fans have been able to be proud of this season. If everyone starts staying at home then what have we got?

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No. If truth be known I'm not looking forward to the trip

If your going Aggy dont forget to take your boots (suggestion for any males under the age of thirty who are going,have a pair of football boots hanging from your necks). Full credit to all you guys and gals who are going in such trying times

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Merry Christmas fellow BRFCS folk.

Just watched Premier League Years 1993/94 (the one where we get more coverage than the following year bizarrely). Nearly in tears. Proper kit, proper players, proper management. On Boxing Day we have a clown who is the spokesman / face / voice of the clowns who own us, and quite possibly the nearest thing we have to a Chairman (unless you count Mr Footiball or Capt Shelving) commentating on the match on the radio.

Deary me. It's right off the tekthepiss chart. It must be a new Radio Lancs feature; 'Cringe at Christmas'.

Anyway, have a good one. Family stuff now.

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Boro is 1 of my favourite away trips with cheap beer and good pubs pre match in Darlington. No trains though so will have to miss it this year.

I've got a good mate living down here who's a Darlo fan. We've had a few journeys up to see his team. Like you say some really good pubs, and some good pie shops ! He doesn't go much now though, they're in a worse state than Rovers !

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Can't think of many who played for both clubs apart from the obvious- Ripley and Hignett. Boro' have had some good 'uns over the years though. I remember Mick McNeil,John Hickton, John O'Rourke, Eric McMordie ( came over with George Best I believe ) from the old days, all top players. When King Kenny first took over we played the Boro' at Ewood and won 2-1 I think. We'd just signed Alan Wright and him and Ripley had a ding dong battle out on our left wing. It was the first time I'd seen Wrightie play in the flesh and I thought " this kid will do for me, he can play at both ends of the pitch ". I was also mightily impressed with Ripley, he was pacey, determined and could go either way, I remember saying to my son" I wouldn't mind that lad in a Rovers shirt ". Right at the death Ripley swapped wings and started running at Richard Brown out on their left with a bit more success but we hung on for the three points.

Good preview by the way.

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