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Tugay- best rovers midfield ever

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here is a video of Tugay of his career. best midfield ive ever seen in rovers shirt

josh from brfcs who produce the podcast made this.

great of him to do so.

thought it might cheer people up for few minutes.

I think Tugay should be on the next manager coaching staff. for me, he is doing his coaching badges and is keen to come back to rovers

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would take 1,000 danny murphys take equal 1 tugay

strange thing is me and many others were championing Murphy as Tugays replacement the year he left

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500 Murphys to equal a Hildersley

Murphy is a disgrace to his profession !

Hildersley tried , I remember him scoring a brilliant equaliser at Shrewsbury ..

Murphy will be remembered for being signed by another con merchant by the name of Kean !

Not as good as the great Tugay but Howard Kendall was one of the best midfielders I have seen to wear a blue n white shirt !

A man who really could put himself about !

What we would have given for him this afternoon ..

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murphy is on a par with ostenstad, leeches, money grabbing, effort shirking leeches..........ostenstad still irks me more than 10 years later seeing his contract out in the prime years of his career without playing.....times when i actually gave a sh1t about the clubs finances thinking all money raised/saved progressed the club, boy have those days ever gone

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As someone said in the March review thread, if Toogs had scored some of those goals for a team like United, Chelsea or Arsenal we'd still be hearing about them today.

We were privileged to have had him at the club for so long.

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