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[Archived] Summer Transfers - In & Out

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I think there is more than enough for Bowyer & co to do this summer. The way I see it we need to:

- get a new keeper

- sort out the defense and bring in at least 2 new CB's preferably someone with experience - also need a new RB and cover for LB

- get someone in who can be a leader on the field as we desperatly need a new captain - not to bothered about position, just someone who is both vocal and can lead by example

- try to offload the rest of the deadwood if at all possible (think this will be the main stumbling block for potential transfers)

Our attacking options are good in my view and will only get better as long as we can hold on to Rhodes, Gestede, Cairney, Conway and Evans (and replace that glass in him with adamantium!). I think the main reason we won't make the playoffs this year is that we have conceded to many silly goals. Just look at our goaldifference. Hanley is no captain and neither him nor Kilgallon should be untouchable. I'm sure there's equally good if not better CB's out there that won't be expensive and at the same time can offer more in terms of experience and leadership.

I also think it is important to remember that some players might actually improve over the summer. Right back might sort itself out if Henley discovers previous form. Also hope we have a player or two that might make the step up from the reserves.

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Guest Norbert

In: A new back up keeper

A central defender (assuming Songo'o is rubbish)

A right back

A new David Dunn type of player

A new striker to back up Rhodes and Gestade

Out: Eastwood






Not sure: Rochina


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Whilst the club has done a decent job over the last 12 months at getting rid of some of the big earning garbage and replacing them with cheaper, better players, there is work still to be done.

I think we have got to a stage where we have an 11-15 that if injury free is potentially one of the strongest in the division. However if injuries were to continue at the rate we have had this season then problems will develop. I looked at the squads in the Sheffield Wednesday programme on Saturday. Having 12 months ago had a squad by far the largest in the division with about 40 first team players we are now down to a much more streamlined group.

The problem we have is that at the end of the season we will be seeing the return of Leon Best, David Goodwillie and DJ Campbell, none of which have long term futures at the club. In addition Yann Songo, Alex Marrow, Josh Morris, Marcus Olsson can all be let go. By the sounds of things Judge is very popular at Brentford and you would expect them to try to keep him once they are promoted.

Feeney, Dabo, Varney and Keane will all be at the end of their loan spells. I can't imagine any reason to keep Feeney or Dabo. I expect that Varney will sign a permanent deal (if he hasn't done so already). That was the reason he was keen to leave Leeds to join us because he had a better contract on offer.

It is important we try our best to keep Michael Keane, at the very least get him on a season long loan deal. He must be enjoying playing regular football which was his problem when he was at Derby/Leicester.

If we can't keep Keane we have a problem. We are short on centre-backs as it is so would need at least one more as cover for Hanley (suspensions) and Kilgallon (injuries). The right back position is a problem. Whilst Keane has done well there in recent weeks, if he had to move to centre back or wasn't here next season we would be struggling at right back. I can't see us keeping Todd Kane given his fall from favour and Adam Henley being here on a permanent deal, though Henley's injury and alarming drop in form recently wouldn't leave me comfortable with him being first choice right back either.

Midfield as it is I think we should be ok, assuming nobody leaves. If we can get King, Evans and Marshall fully fit, along with Lowe, Williamson, Cairney, Conway we have plenty of options.

Dunn should probably be given a pay as you play deal or combine playing with coaching for another 12 months.

Sounds like Robinson has a further 12 months yet to run on his deal, so as long as he stays fit we should be ok there, but Eastwood/Kean not great backups.

If Varney signs a permanent deal then along with Rhodes and Gestede and even King that will probably be considered enough. Maybe see if Kevin Phillips fancies a season?

A continued policy of signing players who have been successful at this level and are of a good age would be the best approach (Evans, Cairney, Marshall, Conway, Gestede).

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Varney really offers very little. I am sure we can do better than him to make up an attacking trio who can play every match either as starters or subs later in the match. That way you can keep all three happy so long as they all get pitch time every game.

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As I've stated before, assuming we don't loose any key players (unlikely) and that the club is still in any kind of operable shape in the summer we need a class central midfielder, a class central defender and a decent right back to be promotion contenders. In this league, those requirements can be filled by successfull loans or free transfers. The other challenge is to keep chipping away at the deadwood, which honestly looks a lot harder. Players like Best (I sadly can't see him returning to Ewood and be any kind of success), Etuhu, Goodwillie et al. are pretty much unsellable.

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Etuhu, who's Instagram tag line is "I'm lucky to be doing what I'm doing"... understatement of the year? Sadly can't see anyone moving in for him since he can't seem to put together even a short run of games without being injured. I believe the best thing we can hope for is that we can loan him out next season, but we will still have to pay a large chunk of his pathetic salary.

And like some of you said before, the main challenge will be to get rid of people, not getting them in. As always, the stupid salaries that we pay some donkeys will be the stumbling block. At least the crappy Olsson will leave, and Orr to I guess.

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Let's face it - Robbo will be off even if he does have another 12 months on his current deal. Early summer is our chance too after his reasonable form since his return. I'd have a look at Hamer of Charlton. Out of contract this summer and some big Championship/lower Prem teams are sniffing around. RB wise, if Derby don't secure him then Wisdom on loan or similar, would be decent.

Hopeful and realistic team for next season:

New GK

New RB Hanley Killa/Keane Spurr

Conway Evans Cairney Marshall

Gestede Rhodes

If Rhodes does go then I'd play 4-5-1 with Gestede at the top and a playmaker in behind. Rochina will go and we can't rely on Dunn for another year - so who that is, God knows.

Certainly got the makings of a decent team though. I'd like to see some pace added too as I can see King leaving.

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Think everyone is hoping for that same midfield 4 - Conway, Evans, Cairney and Marshall. Not going to be winning many headers in the middle of the park though!

I hope whatever incomings there are, we bring them in early in the window and have a settled first team squad going into pre-season training. The trouble with this theory is that due to finances we have to be a reactive club in the transfer market - someone offers 12 million for Rhodes on the eve of the new season and we are back in the market.

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Can see GB returning to his favourite watering hole in Cardif for Don Cowie.....

Rovers are lacking creativity and i would love Cowie for that place .....

Now that Stuart Peerce has got the NFFC gig i can see him trying to get Jason Lowe as he rates him......

Hope he breaks the bank for him....

Right Back is a must as is cover for Spurr.....

Hope GB brings back the player at Rochdale ... Excellent Young talent.....and just needs games at this level.......

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when mourinho is appointed in the summer, I would like to see eden hazard, john terry, david luiz and maybe Oscar brought in as well as bringing in some bigger names like neymar and maybe lionel messi or Ronaldo.

when mourinho is appointed in the summer, I would like to see eden hazard, john terry, david luiz and maybe Oscar brought in as well as bringing in some bigger names like neymar and maybe lionel messi or Ronaldo.

when mourinho is appointed in the summer, I would like to see eden hazard, john terry, david luiz and maybe Oscar brought in as well as bringing in some bigger names like neymar and maybe lionel messi or Ronaldo.

I thought us ITK'S were supposed to keep quiet about the new ownership and all that stuff, now you'll be in for it.

Btw Dean Rittenberg came off the bench for England u18's tonight, equalised with his first touch and then set up the winner.

England u18 2 Germany u18 1

Could be ok for the bench next year, is he any good ?

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To anyone that watches the u-21's: how has Devarn Green done this season? I know he's only 16/17 but if he's looked promising then we could finally have a striker with pace in the next couple of years, first one since Bellamy?

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maybe king could be our third choice striker. has loads of pace. he would be different type of striker to Rhodes and Gestede

tho I would like Rittenberg involve in the first team squad next season

Thought King would be used as third striker if he wasn't injured all the time.

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If we can offload Orr, Dunn, Olsson and Etuhu, we will have some deadwood off the squad list and probably be saving upwards of £75k a week.

I'd keep Robbo but Butland on loan would be an excellent replacement if he got a better offer.

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