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[Archived] Ipswich Town Vs. Rovers - 14/1/17

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FFS if you don't laugh you'll cry.

I bet Ipswich haven't scored 3 for years. As I've said before; why are people convinced we'll finish above Burton? I'd bet they'll have more fight than us in a 6 pointer. Wonder what Coyley's excuse will be today? Cold weather? Steeley's contact lense subscription not arriving in time?

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2 for Tom Lawrence with that Burnley miss still seared into my memory. How predictable. As expected our crushing downward spiral continues unabated while the Indian band play on. They may bring on Leon Best, he's bound to notch, the no-mark.

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Coyle's luck had to end sometime.

We are a very poor team and he is a bad manager.

Nah, apparently Newcastle and Huddersfield were not luck. The match plan was always to get thoroughly dominated and win by scoring our only shot on target.

Baffling as to why that isn't working today. I suppose we've just been unlucky.

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If we go on a run now like we did after the last time we beat Newcastle we will be doomed by the end of it. 20 games after today to get up to around 50 points so not much margin for error.

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