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Watching on Sky SD, I missed the second Reading goal - I couldn't see where the ball had went. I thought it had went harmlessly out of play, and next thing the commentator was shouting 2-0.

Surely it must have some effect on the players too


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Agree wholeheartedly. They were ridiculous. Even when they turned them down a bit after about half an hour they were still far too bright & were starting to give me a headache.

Wouldn't surprise me if they played a part in Reading's 1st goal either. Raya's first movement was backwards after DL knocked it back. I did wonder at the time if he 'lost' the ball in the light.

Needs sorting ASAP!

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They actually double up as tanning lamps. This has two benefits, one to keep the players tans up into autumn so they do look good on social media and two, to help to attract South American players to Ewood as the lamps brighten the place up a bit and make it look a bit less gloomy up north.


Another idea could be to remotely flash them like a strobe light to put off opposing attackers or even when they are about to take a penalty?


I think we’re onto something here you know  




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Completly agree. Stupidly bright to start with (which numpty techie felt the need to set it that bright needs sacking) then it was turned down but was still too bright. 

The moving and flashing images are extremely distracting. It would be much more tolerable if the images were static. As someone said, how much would it take to induce a fit in those susceptible. 

I also think it has to affect sighting of the ball for the players. 

Yet another erosion of the enjoyment of matchday football. And no, im not interested in yet another f’ing betting app. Just bugger off. 

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2 hours ago, Herbie6590 said:

The company responsible has been on Twitter confirming that they will be dimmed on Saturday....?

Have you got the company name by any chance?

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I was watching on the iFollow stream and couldn't believe how bright they were - I assumed it was a fault on the video at first. Really distracting, and made it very difficult to see players and the ball at times.


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It was making me very angry in the 1st half. I've paid money to watch football, not to be blinded by light with moving images and flashing.

I'm surprised the referee didn't order them to be switched off; show that his authority is stronger than Sky's.

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@perthblue02 @Herbie6590 thank you.

I have a good friend who works in this industry, for a different company, and specifically the football market. I've seen many of that company's installations, as have you all, without complaint. I was surprised by the quality of the overall installation which is why I was interested in the supplier.


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On 23/08/2018 at 11:26, Tom said:

I noticed they turned them right down for the first penalty but not for the second 

I happen to know that someone on the Riverside texted Waggott to complain about the brightness. This was about the time of the first Reading goal.

Soon afterwards, it was turned down.

Not quite as good as texting Shebby Singh with an instruction re substitution, but there you are!

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