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Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

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I’ll be honest and I feel bad saying it but I can’t enjoy that victory  He should be gone, he won’t be gone but that was abysmal 

I would far rather play abysmally and win than play brilliantly and lose.. I think. In retrospect I had much better things to do yesterday afternoon and should have left my Rovers engagement to l

This is my favourite quote from the article, of course you will move things around, you do it every bloody week, mostly for no reason at all!

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Just now, OldEwoodBlue said:


I take absolutely no joy in being right.

Was secretly hoping to be proved wrong.

But turns out we are actually as crap as I feared we were.

Anyway, 3 big points I suppose,  and breathing space from the bottom 3. 

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On 18/11/2019 at 10:37, Amo said:

We'll win but we'll make bloody hard work of it.

Called it.

Look forward to hearing how Barnsley are "fighting for their lives" and our "never say die" spirit.

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Strange game. Barnsley deserved the 3 points more than us yet we managed to win. Definitely down to Dack. The defence was awful today, overall the performance was so below par. We were made to work for the points against the mighty Barnsley. Mowbray may have just survived for yet another week - lucky man.

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2 hours ago, Alejandro Tapia said:

Do you think you are a rover? Really? Even my being mexican I'm more Tover than you underatand if you want gaffer out that's your opinikn but to wish or spect a defeat right now? Fuck shit pal open your eyes our team needs you to support amd to help to change this situation if tony has to be sajed he will but who will saked ypu amd all tje shet supporters hu? 

It doesen't matter how black skyes cpuld be I'm always going to wish and think about a victory for MY TEAM. 

We need you in the dressing room before the game !

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Woeful stuff again amazing to say that after a 3-2 win but there it is. No doubt he's busy dressing it up as a 5 star performance against a good team in a false position to his paymasters in INdia via the presser.

Anyone in watching would have seen another insipid disjointed side getting out played by possibly the weakest side in the league. The extra quality we are able to afford over the likes of them saw that through just like it was enough for us in league 1.  Speaking of league 1 that's exactly what that defence is but then we've known that since we went down last time.

However a win is a win and it's all about the points so we'll take them, we've played better and lost but maybe not this season. That had the look of a relegation scrap for sure.

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The Dacks, Holtbys and Grahams of this world deserve better than to be captained and managed by such dross. Real anger is beginning to stir at Ewood but a win tonight kept a lid on it. A loss to Brentford and it's going to blow. The ONLY comments I heard walking home were groans and moans at Mowbray or Bennett (or both) apart from one knuckle-dragger swearing at his 'mate' down a phone.

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Absolutely played off the park. Travis was disgraceful, plenty of other in that bracket too. Something is seriously wrong. Bennett just miles off everything and look like he quit in the second half. Embarrassing 

Vital 3 points as we look like relegation fodder.

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