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Weird feelings of football thread

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3 hours ago, SuperBrfc said:

Nolberto Solano was a one club man, who spent his entire career at Newcastle.

Also, Laurent Robert had to score a 30 yard screamer every week, or else he wouldn't get paid that week. It worked a treat.

I thought Robert was a really average player on a tangent. 

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1 hour ago, J*B said:

I thought Robert was a really average player on a tangent. 

Was a frustrating player. He looked good on his day, I thought, but didn't show it often enough.

Scored a few belters though, from what I remember. Including a ridiculous free kick at Ewood in 2004. Must have been 35, or even 40 yards out, close to the Riverside touchline. Swerved all over the show.

Another Newcastle related one for the thread:

Newcastle finished in the top 4 every season under Sir Bobby Robson.

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12 hours ago, SuperBrfc said:

Every defender playing in Serie A in the 90s was a world class defender.

My impression was that every player in that baggy-shirted, sun-lit era was a deity, even those who could barely run, like Grigoris Georgatos who played football like it was snooker.

Wenger's prime Arsenal averaged 6"7 in height.

On 24/09/2022 at 22:38, SuperBrfc said:

Paul Gallagher is still 18 years old and waiting for his chance to break into the Rovers first team.

And Eddie Nolan had a solid Rovers career.

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On 25/09/2022 at 11:40, Mattyblue said:

Why are Rovers pretty much *never* the Friday night Sky game after a decade in this league and there’s one shown pretty much every week? 🤷‍♂️

Interesting one that.

Since relegation in 2012 I can only remember us being on a Friday night twice on TV. 

Middlesbrough at home in 2012, and Cardiff at home in 2014

There were also a couple of non televised ones against Doncaster away in 2013 and against Rotherham at home in 2015.

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