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[Archived] 12 Years Ago. 17/08/00.


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It's a shame that the day he died was on my birthday :( obviously a lot more for him, I don't mean it like that, it just always makes me a little sad...although on the bright side it's my birthday today, R.I.P........Also, my Dad's company once did some building work on property of his in Jersey quite a few years ago....he said he was a really nice guy, always asking if the builders needed anything and generally being really helpful....at the end of each day he would always provide beers and things for people to take home, or whatever they requested, then at the end of the project gave them a whole load of alcohol from his house.

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Superlatives can never do justice to what Uncle Jack achieved for a small North West town. He took all of us on the happiest ride of our footballing lives and gave Blackburn a team to be proud of, generated income and jobs in the town and it was always done the right way.

Thank you Jack Walker, you'll will always have a place in all Rovers fans hearts

Might I suggest the first home game be dedicated to songs of "One Jack Walker, there's only one Jack Walker"

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RIP Jack.

Remember it like yesterday, still ranks as the saddest day of my Rovers supporting days.

Such a unique man, a man who made all our wildest dreams come true. Few people have that ability to make such dreams a reality. Jack was one of the fewer who actually used that ability to actually do just that. And all because he wanted to.

He not only touched the hearts of us Rovers fans but the football world too. The tributes from our bitterest rivals and football fans everywhere, on the fences around Ewood, paid fitting testament to the legend he is.

Forever thank you Jack!!

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