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[Archived] Michael Appleton - New Rovers Manager


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Thought I would make a new thread for this

Rovers have confirmed tonight we have made an official approach for Michael Appleton


With Shaw commenting on it it would seem this is his idea


I may add a poll depending what people think to that

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Resignation rather than enthusiasm.

He seems perfect for Venkys. Proved he can hold a club together on the smell of an oily rag.

What more could we want? Just another indication of how far we have fallen.

Puts the notion of fans rejecting prospective managers like Sven into perspective!

Might work, might not, as with most decisions these days we just have to be resigned to seeing how it goes.

Please Venkys-----just walk.

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Was highly-rated at WBA and apparently groomed to succeed Hodgson before he went to Pompey. Difficult to judge his time at Fratton Park with the ongoing farce there (at least he's prepared for Rovers). Hasn't exactly been great shakes at Blackpool but only lost twice in eleven games.

I'm really clutching here.

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I think this bit of news , just confirms to me Venkys have lost total interest in he club ...

What is his pedigree ?

What has he done to deserve the job ?

Nothing at all ......

Leave Bowyer in charge , he has the players playing at the moment and fans are on his side !

Venkys Out ,Shaw Out ! Agnew Out ! Singh Out !

We are heading for adminstration the sooner the better if it gets these idiots out of the club !

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In fairness, he's not really had ample time to prove himself.

Before anyone jumps down my throat, I know that's no reason to give him the job, and we've had enough 'highly rated' coaches to last us a lifetime. I still think we should be giving the same support to him that we gave to Berg.

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I have to say, I'm not really disappointed, feeling sick, etc. I always expected them to make an awful decision. I had very low expectations and Venky's have not exceeded them in the slightest.

No idea where we go from here. My heart says support Appleton regardless, my head says your support is just encouraging Venky's malicious behaviour.

It might be easier just to pack it in. I don't know.

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The problem is they scream "WE WANT PROMOTION" but their decisions scream "WE COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT THAT STUPID FOOTBALL CLUB OR IT'S IDIOT FANS."

I don't know about keeping Bowyer in charge, that would seem like a genius decision right now. They may as well put Hendry in charge, it'd be cheaper.

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not a great appointment but what do we expect? venkys couldnt give a stuff about us, they want a cheapo manager but at least appleton has learned the hard way, if it doesnt work out then surely SURELY the next time venkys WILL go for an experienced manager

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West Bromwich Albion (caretaker) 6 February 2011 12 February 2011 1 0 1 0

Win rate 0.00%

Portsmouth 10 November 2011 7 November 2012 51 13 11 27

Win rate 25.49%

Blackpool 7 November 2012 Present 11 2 7 2

Win rate 18.18%

Total 63 15 19 29

Win rate 23.81%

That do ya? To mirror Stuart, I would quite like to throw up.

Well his Portsmouth record was at a club shedding players by the dozen, starting the season with a squad literally thrown together at the last minute. Maybe that will happen at Ewood in the future but his record was never going to be good in those circumstances. Shankly and Mourinho would've struggled!

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Underwhelmed with the announcement, should stick with Bowyer until the end of January like they initially announced (although everything they say is a lie).

Also in no way should this statement from Shaw have been made, you announce you have agreed a deal with a manager not you have approached their club. It just shows how amateurish our club has begun. To me the statement has only been posted by Shaw to say "look at me, I've beaten Shebby on this decision".

@#/? children are playing games with our club!

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