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[Archived] Your "Favourite" Rovers moments during the Venky reign

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The pursuit of Ronaldinho. How likely was it? Beckham too.

The still fresh club statement, written by a five year old, admitting Kean's slander of Allardyce.

Someone on here talking about some shelf salesman turning up at his work trying to sell his wares to him. Turns out that salesman, Derek Shaw, is now running the club.

You can't make it up can you?

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The plane and the chicken.

All of Yakubu's goals, particularly his 1st on his debut against Arsenal after a Hoilett through ball and his 1st against Swansea after a Givet cut-back.

Givet limping after 5/10 mins against Norwich at home yet playing the whole game.

Givet's celebration after scoring the winner in the Carling Cup quarter final against Newcastle, right at the end of extra time, after being allegedly told to come off injured at half time.

Kean's resignation and his statement thanking the majority of fans who now see their club on course for promotion, that made me laugh actually.

The rumours about Kean getting punched by Robinson, Nzonzi or someone else and everyone analysing pictures of his face.

Getting Hodgson sacked after dismantling Liverpool.

Robinson's relationship with the fans.

Fabio Nunes' cross to Nuno Gomes for the winner against Barnsley.

Jason Lowe's 40 yard ball to Kazim against Blackpool.

Signing Jordan Rhodes and Nuno Gomes....and Jermaine Jones on loan.

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What game was it were there was a problem with Givet and Kean delayed the second half kick-off? There were rumours he got spanked then as well.

Kean saying "we're only slightly off course for tenth" when we were bottom in October.

Kean claiming to come from the mean streets of Glasgow when really he came from the middle class streets of Cumbernauld.

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Kean's 500 letters of support a day

Kean being interviewed on sky sports news during the trip to India with the Hindu spot on his forehead.

Also I don't think anybody has mentioned the chicken advert yet!

A flustered, perspiring and Rovers tracksuit wearing Shebby Singh denying live on sky sports news, outside brockhall, that he had just taken training.

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John Williams' statement on his departure that the new owners want to "do things differently" - an understatement if ever there was one and a warning of things to come.

Kean's "positive" press statements after every defeat.

The horrified look on Kean's face after we pulled 6 points clear of the relegation zone last March and he realised his big bet on us getting relegated was going awry (allegedly).

Kean refusing to apologise for relegation.

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Best moment by a mile was the away game at Wolves. Came away thinking if we can keep Jermaine Jones and add quality to the squad, along as developing Phil Jones, Hoilett and Olsson we'd have a great squad.

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Great thread!

Well, for me the various anti-Kean songs that came from the Darwen End... hilarious some of them!

Gotta say the Youth Cup ties against Burnley last season were a nice distraction from the comedy act of a first team! Of course staying up at Wolves was a good feeling even though it was short lived.

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Sarcasm aside

The 3-1 home victory against Liverpool, when Hoilett and Benjani had great games.

The 3-2 victory against Wolves was a wonderful sense of relief after the second half of the season collapse.

The 3-2 victory (theme developing?) at Old Trafford.

The 5-3 victory against Bristol City to send us top of the Championship.

Signing Rhodes, Jermaine Jones and Yakubu

Thats everything......

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