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[Archived] Steve Kean back in Blackburn


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Sorry to share the bad news but it appears he's back.



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18 hours ago, Pedro said:

Really? No offence Boaty but that must be one heck of a sheltered life then.




17 hours ago, davulsukur said:

Maybe just lighten up a bit?


16 hours ago, SIMON GARNERS 194 said:

So offended..is that you Kean?

I find it offensive also. Rats are intelligent , social animals and while they get bad press, they do not deserve to be associated with the likes of Coco.


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  • 4 weeks later...


I see the cockroach is on the lookout for another job after getting sacked in Brunei. Expect to see more fairytale stories like these appearing in the media over the next few weeks and months. Complete drivel orchestrated by an agent with friends in the media.

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Such whitewashing of facts.

Although Kean's relationship with the support base was never a healthy one, he managed to keep Blackburn in the Premier League in the 2010-11 season, with a final day victory at Wolves.

The following season, his team, weakened by the sale of many of its star players, recorded a famous victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford on Alex Ferguson's 70th birthday. But the 2011-12 campaign would ultimately end in relegation, and Kean left the club at the beginning of the following season.

They'd describe WW1 as a "spat over the death of a minor royal"

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The same old propaganda being dished out by the same old clowns on the payroll. Referring back to that stuff is beyond pathetic there are managers out there been on the dole years who could point to 5 times that kind of stuff yet it gets regularly chucked out by his cronies as some sort of achievement ffs.

Never in the history of British football has a badly failed over promoted coach had so much air time.

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Says his agent is Alister Veerasamy (of course Anderson is said to have retired though I know some on here don't believe that) is that someone previously linked to Kentaro or completely separate? Either way anyone who represents Kean can't be a paragon of virtue.

On 08/10/2017 at 12:14, Boaty said:

Can this please be deleted. Never seen anything so childish. 

Remember reading this a few weeks back and thought it was a bit childishly funny.

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The agency that Alister Veerasamy ran is/was the MD of is now liquidated (sound familiar?) according to the link below, Pro Football United GMBH registered in Switzerland


List of players with Allister Versasamy as agent 



Nothing  from a quick search to suggest links to Venkys project partners

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On 05/11/2017 at 10:15, J*B said:

The man has no shame. I bet he’s been all over every job that’s come available since we finally booted him out of here. 

Still holding out hope he will end up being Dyches successor.

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