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[Archived] Salzburg 2 Rovers 2


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Few little snippits of information

- They are unbeaten this season and are top of the league with 18 points. Scored 18 goals and let in 4.

- Trapatoni is their manager

- They beat Valencia at home in the qualifiers for the Champs League

- Since RedBull's takeover, they seem to have taken a harsh approach to those fans who want to keep the traditions alive:

"Their terrace has been reduced in size, they have been banned from taking flags into the ground, and their violet colours have been outlawed, with fans even being turned away for wearing items in the clubs traditional colour. A campaign has been started to see the most fundamental of the clubs traditions returned, and it is gaining momentum."

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Can't work up any enthusiasm for this one. Hope the tie is still live on 28/9 but I have a feelin we could go down 3-0 in the first leg

Cant work up any enthusiasm for this one ???????

Paul, you Chorley boys need an injection of impetus. Rovers are marching into Europe, backed by a sell out allocation and you think we will get wooped 3-0.

Well my little and round Chorleyite, from your Leyland Neighbours, we are off later this afternoon in high spirits if not a little tired. I cannot wait to get to Salzburg, no work, no wife just my Rovers colours, my pals and a few beers.

B R I N G I T O N :brfc:

1-0 Rovers and a first success in Europe away from home :brfc:

Even if we do lose :huh: I will bloody well enjoy it :o

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2 - 1 loss, Rovers get the "away goal" from a dead ball situation. Brad keps the tie alive witha string of outstanding saves. Home team become frustrated and resort to long range efforts.

posesion home 60 away 40.

no arrests and a good few sore heads

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Salzburg 3

Rovers 4

A wild game with both defences having a crap game, Lucas to be sent off for GBH on kovac, Todd to be sent off for head-butting the referee and a thousand of our fans laid out on Austrian park benches after too much alcohol. Man i wish i were there :)

Referee to retire after the match as he has never seen a team as rough and dirty as ours before and retires after being assaulted by Todd the Thug!

Goals all wonder strikes from MGP, just to shut up some doubters and Mickey Gray to be met at Manchester Airport on return after asking him and Coleen for a threesome...again!!!!

On a mroe serious note, i'll go with

Salzburg 1

Rovers 2

Hope all you lads out there have a great time and in the fans friendly do us proud!!

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i'll go on record now as saying plastic pitches should be completely outlawed.

(reminds me of playing oldham in the 80's and don makay doing a 'david pleat jog' across the pitch, to thank the fans)

rovers should be okay, they've practised on our indoor t'astroturf pitch.

red bull 1-1 rovers

ooijer OG friedel (from a goal-kick).

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I'd totally forgotten its a plastic pitch at Salzburg, could make for an even more interesting game. I do remember reading MGP saying that hed practised on plastic pitches over the summer on the official site this morning. Professional footballers should be able to play on pretty much any surface so it shouldn't be anything to worry about for us, infact we might even play better on it. But i agree with pleasure, plastic pitches should be outlawed.

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