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[Archived] New Kit

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According to the web(!) Spurs wore blue and white halves from around 1885 to 1890..they then changed to red shirts and navy shorts and only adopted their traditional white shirts and navy shorts in 1897 ! ( After a natty period in chocolate and yuk yellow!)

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

( Surprised we haven't copyrighted our halves, which as every schoolkid knows, we adopted in 1875)

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It's their new home kit. They are changing their name to Totenham Rovers in honour of our superior achievments, and after beating them on Thurs night, and keeping them out of Europe! :lol:

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The official Spurs website is curiously worded in the way it uses 'kits' as it seems to suggest there's more than 2 going to be released. On their home page, one is blue-and-white....

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Maybe this is a subtle way of saying that Keane is signing for us in the summer and he want's to try on his new team's kit.

I'd go for that! He's a class player!

Since when did powder blue look better than Rover Blue?? It doesn't look good on the Mancs and it doesn't look good on the Totters..

Ripping off a direct competitor is ridiculous. Hopefully it is just a one off and those awful jerseys disappear for good...

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