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[Archived] Should the Protests Stop?


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I think we should concentrate on aiming at Venkys, we should just ignore Kean, and get, and stay behind he players, thus leaving nobody ANY excuses"

Banners such as

"Premier League in Fit & Proper Persons Shocker"

"Venkys go home"

"Walker Trust, would he have wanted this?"

Venkys go home????

That's half the chuffing trouble , they stay at home !!!!

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I agree that the banners have to have more impact. The protest is wrongly being portrayed in the media as a personal attack on the donut. The media need educating about why Rovers fans are so angry. I was thinking:-

"How can you run a football club from another continent?"

"What happened to the transfer funds you promised?

"Why did we sell Jones, Emerton, Kallinic and Diouf?"

"Why did we sign Myles Anderson?"

"I thought Kean said Goodwillie is the new Rooney!"

"Kean said Ribero was the new Dennis Irwin!"

"Why is Selgado not playing - no lies please?"

"Why did we give extended contracts to so many over 30's?"

"Why was Allardyce sacked?"

"Why are agents in charge of all our transfer activity?"

"Why was nobody else interviewed when Kean got the job?"

"Stop using our club as a marketing tool for chicken burgers!"

The only problem is - banners are not allowed anymore so I still think walking round the game during the Stoke game would cause the most impact.

All very good and straight to the point. Perhaps add a little punch to the one highlighted by an additional sentence "Would you ask the shopkeepers to write your Christmas Wish List for you?"

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I'll preface this post by saying that I am as unhappy with the current situation as any Rovers supporter, but it gets to a point where the approach may need to change as the methods are seemingly ineffective.

The protests have been going on for some time, including several mass and spontaneous protests. The movement has received attention from almost every single local and national media source and has been covered ad nauseum by many. Despite this coverage and the fact that the message has clearly been conveyed to the management, board and owners that has been no change at the club. With this in mind, considering the grave situation that the club now finds itself in, might it be better to turn attentions to directly supporting the players on the pitch and trying to help them towards picking up more points.

This isn't a criticism of the protest organisers or the protests themselves, I really wish that they had worked and it has been encouraging to see how passionate many Rovers fans are, but sadly the movement simply hasn't been effective.

If the same level of passion that has been displayed in recent weeks is translated into full support of the players than I have no doubt that we would create one of the most intimidating atmospheres in the league and that it would help the fight for survival. Perhaps a middle ground would be found where fans would continue to wear yellow to show their disapproval for the way that the club is being run, but that now banners would no longer be used and the 'Kean Out' and other chants would stop.

This shift in approach could be announced by the protest organisers with a statement to press, but it seems as if we are fighting a lost cause and that the effort could be put into being the crucial '12th man' that might just help us stay up.

Who now believes the protests are not having effect

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I don't think they are having any effect whatsoever, be that positive or negative. Rovers are a crap team with a crap manager.

They made the reptile Anderson go on tv to try and defend his position, something is happening!

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It might be possible to put together an argument to say we wouldn't be any further forward than we are now if there had been no protests. But without any, I'd be pretty sure we'd be a lot further back : wouldn't folk be saying it's now time to kick up a stink and we'd start in much the same place as we did 6 months(ish) ago? So in effect we'd be 6 months(ish) behind where we are now.

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I think,maybe now, the protests should intensify. Because the fact is we are pretty much as good as relegated, no support in the world would get our squad and the lying slug of a manager out of trouble.

Also I don't fall for all the " it's affecting the players" rubbish, they get paid to do a job as do i and god knows I would have been fired long ago with poor results like the ones they are coming out with.

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Without the protests Jerome Anderson wouldn't be pretending to hold back fake tears on live television.

Let's face it even none-Rovers fans on Twitter were taking the pee out of him so that's got to be worth something.

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They have to continue and even intensify.

Clearly, nerves are now being struck.

IMO, nothing to lose (if you accept we are relgated with Kean in charge) and everything to gain by ridding the club, eventually, of Venkys, Kean, Agnew and Jerome Anderson (despite what he said today, still has influence if he sits in directors' box).

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IMO the protests have just made things worse. Our owners seem to be too proud and it really feels like "club vs. the fans" and has done for a while. It's now an endurance contest about who will be right at the end of the season and nobody is backing down.

Can't agree with that statement. It's abundantly clear who will be right at the end of the season. Do you think things would have changed if there were no protests? That venkys wouldn't have kept Kean, that mangagers/directors would be happy to come and work for them?

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What's happened to the JA on SSN thread?

Has he managed to get it silenced already?

For the record, I was just getting to the point of screaming and throwing things when the crocodile tears came - funniest thing I've seen in ages :lol:

When have we ever given Myles stick? He's not good enough to get anywhere near the first team for us to give him any! (And that's saying something!)

Looks like we're getting to him and even though he was trying to turn things onto us it's given us some great airtime and to be fair to SSN they're at least reading out some emails from us to 'Readress the balance', might at least make a few neutrals look a bit deeper into our concerns.

Venkys & Kean out!

Edit:Ah, Glenn (Not Glen)'s just cleared it up where it's gone.

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Saturday will be interesting. Got to give them all both barrels. A lot of anger will come out on Saturday, win or lose people need to ram the message home. It's not just Kean, 3 points doesn't change what Venky's/Anderson has done to our club.


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No, not at all. I really think what you should do is go and waste more of your time and help the situation get worse. :tu:

Oh shut up. Like we're making it worse. The protests have obviously rattled them, if we were Rovers Fans like you we'd continue to be patronised (even more) by the media, and JA would have no accountability and could continue to ruin us behind the scenes. We need to make a stand, I for one refuse to go down without a fight.

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Should the Protests Stop?

When just about everything at a Club stinks like a pile of Chicken Poo who is going to be the 'organiser' who can arrange for the remaining Fans who turn up for games NOT to protest.

Surely we the Fans still have a right to complain when we have been shafted?

As far as the Barrow Boy is concerned I've seen better tears from Del Boy so stick to your day time job.

It doesn't apply now to Rovers as we will be relegated but many PL Clubs could survive easily on other revenue whilst playing in a empty stadium.

Why can't the Fat slimeball be slagged off - I'd like to see the payroll

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No, not at all. I really think what you should do is go and waste more of your time and help the situation get worse. :tu:

How can it get worse?

We are getting relegated, Barclays might force us into admin,

Owners that never show up or keep promises,

Agents appearing to speak for the owners on national tv,

Well I ask again just how can it get worse?

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