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[Archived] FA Cup 13/14


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May as well give Citeh the: Darren End; Jack Walker and the Riverrside.

We still will be unable to fill the BBE. 25K Citeh wallies and 5K Rovers fans.....what a bum day it will be.

I don't think I'ts a bad draw.

No expectations, therefore no further humiliation of our club and a few bob in till.

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Why do we get such hard draws every year ? All I want is to see Rovers play in a Wembley final before I turn up my toes up.

I have just spoken to Rovers new Head of Ticketing Information Telesales (Head TIT) and Balaji has asked for the game to be moved to Man City's Maine Road ground.

Maine Road's now a housing estate. Or was that your joke ?

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How absolutely heartbreaking that Rovers are playing Man City.

Heartbreaking because not too long ago, we were a proper football club, a standard of quality and management, fighting around the European places - while City were some 2nd league stragglers yo-yoing in and out of the top division,and it would have been a good little game we would have won 3-0.

Now Man. City are a Champions League team, and we....well.

Thanks Venkys, again.

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