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New Deal for Darragh

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Just now, Pedro said:

I'm very happy with this. Without that foot injury, i reckon he was on his way last season.

Yup - a very fortunate unfortunate injury.

Happy he has signed more due to he could have gone somewhere for a low-ish fee this year or for free in a years time.

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Probably the most important renewal considering he had a year left, Smallwood and even Dack would sort of me token contracts, not urgent, whereas Lenihan we needed to tie down.

Hope he avoids any more injuries, improves on his technical ability as it is the weakness in his game, and continues to impress in an excellent partnership with Mulgrew, who should also get an extention.

Very good news.

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Just now, Bigdoggsteel said:

Saw that. Why were they having a swipe at Nixon? Assuming you need a reason, maybe you don't. 

Because he’s a fud who believes his own hype 

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6 minutes ago, Ladyboys of Bank Top said:

When you're ready. 

You’ll have to find it yourself mate. It was in the transfer thread, posted by Biz. I can’t do any more than that, bar finding the post...

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I guess Rowett having evaluated his options at Stoke hasn't made a bid? Given that one of Derby's club staff (someone who had previously worked for Rovers) openly spoke of Rowett's admiration for Lenihan at the Preston Marriott and suggested a summer bid forgive those who were unsure he might remain. If it was never in doubt then why not sign a contract much sooner? I asked Nixon weeks ago about Lenihan/Stoke and given Rowett had barely had time to breathe (perhaps he still hasn't) he didn't say anything besides pointing he was Rowett's (and Stoke's type). What Stoke need however may not essentially be what Derby need.   

As for "believing your own hype" seems quite a few people at the club tend to do this. The whole "family club award" thing saw a deluge of horn tooting from social media employees. I think that had more to do with other L1 clubs not having Playstations and "sensory rooms" than anything they actually did. Assuming the club were "confident" of keeping Lenihan and probably feel "vindicated" an extension does indeed help. On the other hand one promotion and they think we are sheep treating everything they bleat as gospel? No it takes a hell of a lot more than that I'm afraid.

Anyway at least Anderson's probably left (again) ?. Until the next time...


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What's the hell has Anderson (who was involved in a bloody LAWSUIT with the club for crying out loud) got to do with Nixon being right about Davenport? Call that out it's ridiculous how quick someone (who's supposed to be impartial) is to jump on me.

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You remember what I said about concise posts and keeping on topic? There was absolutely no need for that post that be as long as it was. Think on.

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Quotes from Lenihan. Hopefully this puts the "he can/should be playing center midfield" discussion to bed

Lenihan also admits he sees himself very much as a centre back having featured in midfield during the early part of his career.

The central midfielder debate has gone now, I think,” the Irishman said.

“The manager certainly sees me as a centre half now, but wherever he wants me to play, I’ll play. But centre half is definitely my position these days.

“It was difficult to play there at the start. I’d never really played there when I was younger but the gaffer was a centre half in his playing days and he’s helped me develop an awful lot.

“The other lads, like Charlie [Mulgrew], have played there and you learn every day. I still need to get better and improve.

“It feels natural and I feel playing there now.

“If I was asked to play central midfield then I’d probably be a little rusty playing there, and I expect I’ve played more games at centre half than in midfield.

“I can do a better job for the team at centre half, I think my game suits playing there nowadays.”

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