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Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

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28 minutes ago, Rogerb said:

Barnsley sold around 1200 for this. Decent turnout when they haven't won for months.

What a new manager can do! If they win it will drawn out any Rovers fans protest. Also watch for how quick and loud the music comes on.

I'm being negative but who can blame me. 

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Just now, Cherry Blue said:

What a new manager can do! If they win it will drawn out any Rovers fans protest. Also watch for how quick and loud the music comes on.

I'm being negative but who can blame me. 

I think 99% of us are feeling negative these days. There are no positives coming out of the Club other than Gladwin returning to training. 

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The 'new manager' is the only thing that's thrown a bit of a curve-ball into the game. But, we're playing the worst team in the league by far, at home. We don't score too many goals, but these guys score even less and have the worst defensive record in the whole division (in fact I think they are the 2nd worst in the whole football league - much worse than teams like Notlob. It's the kind of game where even Big Ben should be let off the leash to score - so it can be burnt to CDR and sent to Pune immediately.

I don't think we'll manage to keep a clean sheet, but it should be a routine if slightly uninspiring victory. 3-1.

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I have a bad feeling about this game. We have the feel of a club who’s manager has run out of ideas and can’t find the right formula to get consistent results and performances. Throw into the mix the new manager bounce that Barnsley will have and the struggles that we tend to have against these types of opponents at home.

We desperately need Lenihan to be playing today as our record with him in the side is so much stronger than without him. Such a key player. 

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6 hours ago, WIR Second Coming said:

Maybe the end of the season would be too late, pal. Most of us don't care if TM is happy here - there is little or nothing to be happy about coming out of Ewood Park these days. We have really become a nothing club, with a no-mark manager, instantly forgettable players, and a dwindling connection to the local community that should be the backbone of the club. 

I really appreciate your enthusiasm and chirpy optimism for Blackburn Rovers, but it seems somewhat at odds with the reality on the ground. 

We should crowdfund a visit for you - I'd be more than happy to take you on a pre-match tour of the local pubs so you were suitably anaesthetised before the game ;)


Hya pal! Well to my will be an honor to have some pints with some real Cockers!!! I understand you pal...amd shit ypu makes me feel sad...but you know what? Is right now when our team needs us isn't? To support during succes is easy and we are not like that to be a Rover is not about economic success is about to passion isn't? About to still tayng in the ground and representing Lancashire till die! 

So... pal...come on Cheers you up a little drink a couple of pints for me brother and sing the wild Rover one more time!!!


AND someday literally i will anesthetized  my brain woth you before a match on our holly turf.




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Nyambe out through illness. Leaving us unable to put even a single defender on the bench. Downing can play LB if needed, that's it. Worrying.

Even with them playing yesterday, surely one of the u23s would have enough in the tank to be a bench player? And unless Ryan only got sick this morning, you'd expect us to take a precaution last night.

Ah well, not like Tosin and Lenihan have a history of injuries...

In general though, that's not a bad team selection for what's available. Very attacking by TM standards.

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  • Backroom

Unable to put any defenders on the bench, but Mowbray reckons we recruited just fine defensively ? oh well.

Good to see Rothwell starting in a match he should be able to influence. 

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