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v Reading (a) - 17/8/22 - Mark 1

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Now then, another game on Wednesday and a potential banana skin for Rovers - we have a poor record on their ground in recent seasons with just one win in 6 and five defeats IIRC

Reading have taken 3 points from 3 games, a good win over Cardiff and a narrow loss away to Blackpool but their last game on Saturday was a 4-0 drubbing at Rotherham

Rovers are top of the league and full of confidence after the hard-fought win over West Brom but the match took its toll on our already depleted squad with more players picking up injuries. Hopefully we'll have a few signings to bolster the squad before then. They're badly needed

Fans will be banking on another win but it won't be easy and a word of warning: I'm going to the game and I've never seen us get a point there. Perhaps I should stay at home but let's be optimistic and hope the great start continues

Reading 1 Rovers 2

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providing we`ve recovered from todays sapping game i can`t see a problem,reading are terrible and relegation bound,0-2 rovers

the madjeski stadium (or whatever it`s called)is the most soulless,depressing place in the whole football world,it is`nt in reading but in some retail place in the middle of nowhere,a horrible place

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On their forum some Reading fans are saying that our good start reminds them of the good start they had a couple of years ago which soon was negated after the bubble was popped. They think that after Wednesday we won’t sustain the same run of results. On the flip side some are saying we are their first real challenge of the season and for them to only have 3 points against the teams they have played is a warning sign of things to come. Hopefully we win comfortably but this is reminding me of the run-in towards the Hull away last season.

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Looks like there's rain forecast pre match and it's a bit cooler which I'm sure the players will be pleased with, although I wouldn't be adverse to resting a couple for this if they're not 100% - no disrespect to Reading but I'd expect Sheff Utd to be a tougher test.

I'm trying to move away from our previous manager,  but we 100% would have lost this game under him. I've got renewed confidence in JDT, first and foremost he doesn't come out pre match bigging up the opposition which got right on my tits.

2-0 away win.

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Looking forward to this one. Making the short trip from Cardiff, and will be in the Gateway pub pre-match availing myself of some of the best Guinness around (if it's as good last time). The only highlight of my trip last year.

As a few people have said, we have a terrible record here and it's a pretty horrible away ground. Miles away from anything, no atmosphere, soulless etc. This is the type of game we'd have lost in the last few years so it's a good barometer of progress.

I must admit when I saw them 4-0 down at half time I thought instantly 'it would be typical Rovers to lose to this lot'. 

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6 minutes ago, JacknOry said:

Think JDT is was more weather/exhaustion related. 

I've just read that and was about to edit my post. I wrongly assumed it was the knock to his head that forced him off. Ironically I'd said to me brother he looked tired after he made a run forward close to half time. And he was playing in the shaded side 😂😂.

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Really annoying that this game comes so soon after such a big physical effort yesterday. Had we had a full week to recover, I'd be very confident that we'd get the three points. They'll be determined to put in a better showing than their embarrassment against Rotherham too. 


On the flip side, they're not very good at the best of times and they have an absolutely horrific set of injuries at present. Missing Joao, Meite, Ejaria, Dann, Hutchinson, Moore and others. All key players when fit, and there are doubts over Tom Ince and Hendrick. Really bare bones stuff, so if we can get anywhere near our level, this is a team we should be beating.


Going for another clean sheet and a 0-2 Rovers win. 

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14 hours ago, roverandout said:

Reading 0 rovers 5. We will give them a good tonking.  Bbd will get a couple.  Sammie with 1. Gallagher with a couple.  I know I sound like mercer 

It's a license to print money.

Afterwards I'll be cracking open another premium bottle of merlot in celebration!

Fixed it!

Now you sound like Mercer!! 🙂 

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