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jim mk2

Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

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Just now, philipl said:

Walton sadly is more error prone than Raya, marginally better catching and distribution but hardly any worldies.

There's no risk of Brighton recalling him from his loan, let's put it that way!

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3 hours ago, roversfan99 said:

Rhodes was the master at making his own chances, more by what he did off the ball. Dack can do the same, as to perhaps a slightly lesser extent can Graham. All 3 score plenty of proper strikers goals from close range.

Its all about intelligence and anticipation. Rhodes might not be fast, but Armstrong is fast, something that doesnt help him when he spends half the game offside when he plays up front, Rhodes was smaller than Gallagher, and less powerful, but he scored headers by clever movement to get free of defenders.

Excuses about supply aside, Rhodes scored nearly 30 goals in the dreadful side we had, full of disinterested or incompetent players after we came down. Gallagher lacks that strikers brain.


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Great goal! Mention for Bennett here. He has been outstanding since coming on - winning every 50/50 and now an assist as well. 

Just hold on now...

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See what can happen when someone gets away down the wing and gets the ball in quick.

Again not rocket science but missing from our game far too often. Bread and butter stuff.

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