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    With the club seeing fit to once again close a section of Ewood to home fans without consultation, the Darwen End singing section find themselves on the move. The timing of this has left fans with only social media to organise a new singing section. It's a disappointing decision as I cannot see to many away teams bringing 7,000 to Ewood next season. In previous years when relocated section W01 and W02 of the Jack Walker Lower Tier has been identified as the best place to relocate the singing section. There are a good few reasons as to why this is the best place to move the section. 1. Smaller sections of seats means fans will be more compacted and create a better atmosphere 2. Still close to away fans, many of us enjoy the banter with away fans. 3. Closer to the players and pitch compared to back of the Darwen End lower tier. 4. Facing the TV cameras means a great location for the Jack Walker Flags and other banners etc. 5. Compared to other sections of the ground easier to get good seats close to each other. (Blackburn End would see fans split up and picking from the lesser seats that haven't already been allocated over the years. 6. Same price as Blackburn End. 7. The Blackburn End and Riverside already have some noise, the Jack Walker stand badly needs and injection of loud and proud fans with drums and flags etc. If there are any existing Darwen Enders on BRFCC please tell others abut W01-W02 lets make Jack Proud of the Jack Walker Singing Section.
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    I think it is more that people think they should have the right to stand up. I agree with that.
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    I thought it was obvious the fixtures were fixed.
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    I remember asking a bloke I'd met at a rock concert what he did for a living. He said " I work in a lie factory ". It turned out he worked as a printer for " The Daily Mail ".
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    I call bull$hit on this one!
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    But not if they then obstruct the view of those unable to stand up or who don't wish to stand. The club need to identify an area of the ground where people will be free to stand if they so wish so that anyone who buys tickets in that area know in advance that they are likely to be standing. One of the issues this season, with the increased numbers travelling to away grounds, has been that children and older folk have been struggling to see matches because everyone stands up. Although I prefer to sit, I'm fortunate in not having a problem in standing for ninety minutes but there are many, for a variety of reasons, who struggle to view games when everyone stands. It's an issue that football has ignored for long enough and safe standing areas are long overdue. Sadly, I don't think any politician will back the necessary change in law that is required.
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    Venkys' view on 'investment' in the club appears to be: 1) Continue to service debts & the overdraft 2) Pay wages and bills on time 3) Ensure the club remains solvent through honoring liabilities and meeting overheads The fourth form of investment comes as cold, hard, cash, millions of pounds of it, which goes above and beyond the bare minimum essential required to keep the doors open. This investment is the money needed to seriously strengthen the team, improve facilities and develop the club longer term. This cash seems much harder to obtain and my understanding is it only materialises when Madame can be persuaded to write a cheque via a face to face meeting or after other players have been sold and a small amount is then allowed to be reinvested. This has always been the case. In the Premier League they had the Jones windfall to use, then the parachute money. Rhodes' huge fee was a one off splurge that subsequently saw Rhodes have special status as a result. Since the parachute cash dried up we've been extremely limited cash wise - Bowyer nothing, Lambert nothing, Coyle a few hundred grand and then Mowbray nearly a million (big money for League One but not for the Championship)> So on the one hand Venkys have invested by way of maintaining a big wage bill and ensuring the club remains as a going concern. They don't seem to have a problem with adding some names onto the books in wages or absorbing big losses at the end of each month, but when there's a need for some real money to be chucked in for 3 or 4 big signings it is more difficult to get done.
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    I know that, yet repeatedly the club has decided to shut off areas in the home ends instead of or as well as areas in the away end. I'll never forget them kicking season ticket holders out of their seats to put netting over areas for when Burnley came to town. Disgraceful. I'm a JW Lower season ticket holder. I don't want to spend home games stood up, moving seats, having 'banter' with away fans. I want to sit in my seat and watch the game and having had that seat for several years and now being handed a £50 price hike I expect to be able to A few years ago I was nearer to the Darwen End, when we played Leeds/Preston etc. the Darwen End people were moved into the area where my season ticket was. I arrived ten minutes before kick off and my seat was occupied and the area was stood up throughout the game. There is sufficient room to allocate the end 2 blocks nearest the Darwen End as a singing section and keep the middle 2 for established season ticket holders. Sadly I can't see that happening as the club will shut the end 2 blocks for most games. Whatever way it is done it needs to be managed. There needs to be some sort of divide by way of a barrier between blocks to make it clear that the standing/singing area is at one side and non-standing at the other. Of course one sensible alternative would be to put away fans in the corner of the DE and Riverside, and then whatever segregation is needed can be put in place in the DE at the JW stand corner.
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    Speculative stories don't need a response but there is a direct quote from Mowbray which gives a the story credence. Just because you don't like the journalist for some reason or the substance of the story doesn't mean it is not true or it can be ignored.
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    Henry Fonda, I presume! They had a very harsh lesson, when we scraped survival at Wolves.Despite all the promises made to loyal fans in Pune, they continued the destruction and down we went.-the first time! So many more harsh lessons followed with many decent people saying they have learned from their mistakes, then so many more of the same ..er.."mistakes.." Even after all that mayhem...., Coyle over Warnock...so we must remain wary. Worst case is that this brilliant promotion merely reduces the pressure and dilutes the resistance. Obviously, I am hoping and praying for better..this time. Leopards and spots etc and beware "the rule of optimism" The next few weeks will speak volumes, I believe. Rant over.....
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    I'm far from a Venky apologist but I'm getting increasingly sick and tired of the debate of 'put us back where they found us' or 'I'm not setting foot in Ewood again'. It's @#/? but I accept everyone is entitled to their opinion. Yes Venkys name is over the door and yes there has been one monumental feck up after another for 5 years or so BUT they've stuck with it and poured cash into the club to both keep it afloat as the natural revenue streams have significantly reduced. Ah but it's increased 'the debt' was the cry. It's about time folk took a step back and think where the CASH has come from? It's Venkys cash and 'the loan' is merely an accounting function on the balance sheet, it's not a millstone around Blackburn Rovers neck as is frequently bandied about. If we were sold for £200 million, if we were lucky enough to get promoted to the PL, 'the loan' would be repaid as part of the sale consideration and would be offset against any Capital gain as a consequence of the sale, versus the original financial consideration when they bought the club almost 8 years ago. That is a fact. Who's to blame for Stoke going down this season and probably West Brom and one other? It's what happens every season and would inevitably have happened to us sooner or later under The Walker Trust. I then read about a multitude of people being up in arms about increases in season ticket prices for next season (they're still extremely competitive in The Championship). How the hell are Rovers to become competitive in The Championship next season, Mowbray get a decent transfer budget, pay decent enough wages, without increased income through the turnstiles, season tickets and commercial support or more hand outs from Venkys, which further increases 'the debt'?? It then also begs the question of where does the working capital come from to meet the expectations (see above!)? I stopped going for a period when Coyle was appointed, I took that as the ultimate insult and where the decision to appoint him came from, I'm fecked if I know. I can only assume it was a final swansong from 'those who can't be named' and I have it on decent authority that they've since departed the scene. I realised that it was only me that was suffering by not attending for the first time for 51 years and relented after 6 months. I'll never forget Venkys initial 6 years tenure but I'm prepared to cut them some slack for now and let's see what they do over this summer. In the meantime, I'd ask those that are 'boycotting' to think about what I've said and perhaps reappraise and rethink their viewpoints. Perhaps at the same time, if they remain steadfast in their view, I would love to know what the realistic, alternative solutions are? It might have only been the 'third division' but it's been the most enjoyable season for a decade and a half. Tony Mowbray may have his faults but his qualities far outweigh them in my view. The way that he has galvanised the club in the past 18 months, he deserves every Rovers' support and the more the merrier. Get your bloody season tickets bought! WE ARE The Rovers!!!
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    Can just picture the argument over the room number, room 352 or room 442
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    I don't think the club needs to release an official statement to counteract a gossip box in an absolute rag. The LT should ask Tony and I am sure that they will. A few months ago the Daily mail ran an article about Dack ,using a tweet from a tony Mowbray parody account on twitter in which fake Tony said ,and I paraphrase, that if Dack doesn't knuckle down he will get a punch in the face off Mowbray. Absolute idiots work for these papers. They are capable of writing any BS.
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    Have a sneaky feeling the Police have had a say in this.Leeds,Stoke,Bolton and Preston much more volatile and greater chance of trouble. They take the easy option every time at the expense of home supporters.
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    It isn't from Nixon, he tweeted he knows nothing about it
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    There's some vindictive individuals around, who cannot stomach any sort of success for Blackburn Rovers and have to try to dampen the atmosphere by winding people up about transfer embargos. Last week Mowbray said our wage bill is around £8.5 million. Even with promotion rises it won't go up massively from that. If we are falling foul of FFP then heads need to roll as it would represent colossal ineptitude for a promoted League One side with our personnel to be breaching those limits.
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    Football is a joke (if true)
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    Course it is chaddy. Don't be so selfish. I think you should also set off to the ground several hours earlier and pick Baz up door to door, and give him a free lift down to and from Blues Bar. Not forgetting of course to treat him to a slap up meal an route. Then go back and repeat the process several times for other of the unfortunate fans who apparently Can't afford an extra £5 -£6 per month on direct debit over 9 months. On your way to and from the ground, try also not to knock over any unfortunate wretches who according to Jim will be staggering out of the food banks because no-one in Blackburn can afford to feed themselves, or any of the bone idle 18-25 year olds lazing about because according to many others no-one in that age range is capable of finding any form of gainful employment.
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    Good debate following an excellent balanced post from Darrenrover - as one would expect from a Darrener! Personally I’m tired beyond belief of reading the never-ending pronouncements of “I’m not going back till they are gone.” Firstly because no-one, and I mean no-one, cares what the people concerned do with their time. And secondly, because chirping on here is the least effective, and least effort, protest known to man. I seem to recall Birdie did a sit-down protest in Nuttall Street when Lee bogged off - it didn’t change anything but at least it was an effort on his part. I think it was said before: if they’d bought us last July we’d be singing their praises as owners. Nothing in life is predictable, them more than most, but if this continues I think we are in for more good times.
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    Yeah you can only assume without any real evidence it was people who Venkys fought a lawsuit against. . Kean was a far bigger insult not to mention a number of other things appointing incompetent clowns like Shaw and Singh even if the latter managed one major positive result. The Coyle stuff was tedious bullying and a much worse example to set to kids than some people running on a field. I like Bennett but a premeditated cheap shot 15 months in the making is pretty childish. Bowyer hardly ran intense training sessions either but that's glossed over even though it could have made a big difference between getting in the playoffs and finishing just outside/midtable. He's a bad football manager (not a bully like some people if it was Coyle in hospital his negative traits wouldn't be ignored) and since families are so important on here his son seems like a pretty well adjusted, decent young man who works with amputees, etc. FFS the man's been fired what more do people want? Other people have done worse and said some of the same things like defending Kean, etc. No right to lecture other people about petty grudges and their overall qualities as a human being. Once again on Warnock there's suggestions he was asking too much for limited hours. Tan presumably offered more because I can't see him letting someone work 2 days a week. As for Tan he made one error with the shirts but what have Cardiff ever really done? Leeds United did sod all when Revie decided to change their shirts and as far as I know people didn't complain. Some mocked him for choosing a similar design to Real Madrid but besides that what else? Some of the stuff om Tan was xenophobia of the highest order with all the Bond villain stuff. I remember looking at Mackay and just detecting this aura of arrogance. There was something about him I just didn't like and nothing to do with him being Scottish. Of course he turned out to be an even worse person and Tan was right to fire him anyway. Over 10 million on a "project" was how Mackay put one signing. Kean would have been slaughtered for that and rightly so.
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    Comparing Tan with Venky's is pretty disingenuous imo. At what point did Tan hand over control of the club to an agency? Who was his Steve Kean, or indeed his Owen Coyle? Who on Cardiff's staff asked for transfer targets on Facebook? Which board members there staged a public power struggle? Which random TV pundit was brought to Cardiff as a 400k pa global advisor? Granted they had the issue with the kit colour changing but Tan ultimately listened to the fans and changed it back. What's happened here is far more insidious than anything that's happened at Cardiff.
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    I like how everyone is assuming we're going to keep 4 at the back. It's as clear as day that Mowbray will at least start the season with his favoured 3 at the back, this way he can get Williams and Bell in the same side

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