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[Archived] Watford Preview

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Ahead of our game against the Hornets, Richard Lee (our Reserve goalkeeper from last season) gives an insight into his time at Rovers and life back at Watford......

Do you have a Nickname ?

Yeah, some of the lads call me 'Mitch' as in Mitch Buchanan from

Baywatch !

i don't really know why they call me that but its stuck!!

Club supported as a youngster ?

Man Utd. My dad bought me a shirt at 3 years old, I had little choice!!

Who was your childhood hero ?

Peter Schmeichel.

What do you remember about your full professional debut ?

I was only told I was playing about 2 hours prior to kick off, which in a

funny way really helped me, I had no opportunity to get nervous.

Welost 1-0 to Preston, but I was voted man of the match - so I'll always remember

it with fond memories.

Who is your best friend in football ?

That's a tough call. All goalkeepers get on well, and I'd say I was very

close to Alec Chamberlain and Ben Foster.

Many footballers are superstitious, have you any pre match rituals ?

Not really, I always just try to prepare as well as I possibly can - then

all I can do is try my best.

What's your pre-match meal ?

Pasta and chicken.

What are your favourite memories from your time at Rovers ?

I have many good memories, playing at ewood in the reserves, being on

the bench, against Charlton, was great at the time, but I guess the best thing

was just being around the place and the people. I haven't got a bad word to

say about anyone up there.

Closest friends at Rovers ?

The keepers, Brad, Enks, Drenchy, Frankie, Hitch and David Bentley.

From the young Rovers' players you played with, who do you think we

should look out for ?

I was impressed from the reserve squad there, a lot of talent, and I was

delighted to see Matt Derbyshire get his chance and prove what he can


One to look out for... Frankie Fielding, great attitude, very talented

and willing to learn.

How disappointed were you to leave rovers. did it come as a shock ?

At the time..... very disappointed. I thought it would all go through without a hitch, but unfortunately that wasn't the case.

As its turned out it may have been for the best, as I've now had an opportunity to sample the

premiership, which may not have been the case up there, especially with Brad I such

Fantastic form once again!

What are your thoughts on rovers form this season ?

I think they started off a bit shaky, but there true form has come

Through. I was always confident it would, they are a class act.

Any famous showbiz boasts/ Have you any famous friends ?

Ha Ha, not really, only Rovers and Watford players!!

What's Aidy Boothroyd like?

He's a very motivated character, wants to win and will demand no less

than 100%.

Which Watford player should rovers fans fear most, for the match at

Ewood ?

Hameur Bouazza, one for the future

Who's been Watford's best player this season ?

Ben Foster...

I think had I been at many other clubs I would've kept my

place after some of the games I played, but Ben's been outstanding...

unfortunately for me!!

It must be frustrating being a 2nd choice keeper, how do you cope and

keep focussed and motivated ?

It can be, but I had a decision to make. I could've dropped

down a division or two and play regularly - or be a no2.

I chose to stay and I don't regret my decision, I have fulfilled a lifelong

dream by playing in the Premiership.

What are your hopes for your future career and ambitions ?

As any young footballer, my big aim is to always improve and fulfil what

I can become. I know I have many strengths and I want to maximise my

potential. To represent my country would be the biggest honour.

Ever met Sir Elton ?

Yeah, he did a concert at Watford's stadium and I was one of the chosen

few ,who met him before he went on stage. He asked me how my cheek was,

as he knew I had broken it earlier in the season.

He is obviously a big Watford fan and it was a privilege to meet him.

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The game after the Lords Mayor Show !

Watford, stuffed by manure 5-0, will come to Ewood Park seeking to double Rovers, also thumped by Chelsea in what could have been the "dreaded" FA Cup Final on 2007.

Not a pretty sight as both teams struggle with the FA Cup semi final tags as losing semi finalists.

1-0 Rovers

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Just another one of the things he dislikes about a MB he seems to really like ie fellow posters predicting a score following a preview.

Unless , of course , they agree with his prediction ... :rolleyes:

Boring , boring.........

.......0 - 0 draw :ph34r:

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A scrappy 1-0 win, I can't say I'm totally confident though due to our recent form and form against the bottom few - they seem to out battle us, I haven't seen us go down with a fight for a long time.

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Just another one of the things he dislikes about a MB he seems to really like ie fellow posters predicting a score following a preview.

Really, I have been reading the message board for a few years now and have never picked up on it.

Ok then, one for colin:-

15-0 to the Rovers. Brad with 10 and Matt Jansen with 5

I bet he is furious with that one :lol:

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Well it does actually cheese me off a bit when someome volunteers & goes to the trouble of doing a bit of work and research and puts together a bit of a meaningful pre-match report. They are usually brilliant contributions, are they not?

Then the next post you read is a complete guess at the score, the goal scorers & the times of the goals.

But I've got other things to worry about, so no problems.

Relax. Not a big deal.

Cheers everyone.

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An anti-climax for many but its up to the coaching team to get the boys motivated to pick up 3 points. We cant afford not getting full points out of this game in hand if we want to push on for at least an Intertoto Cup place in 8th, which is still gettable.

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Rovers WILL win on Wednesday and WILL win by a margin of 2/3 goals. After the defeat against Villa I thought there is no way that we would finish in the top eight but after our performance yesterday and other results I am still hopefull that we can reach that.

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A performance like in the second half yesterday and we should win easy, but our record against these type of teams is not great and we need to go at them like we did against Chelsea, maybe one or two changes after 120 mins yesterday.


















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We MUST win this game, everybody at this club deserves the win after this weekends effort!

Rotten time to play a side that will bring about a coachload of fans but lets hope our fans can come out in force and show some appreciation and belief in this side...we can make one hell of a noise when we want to.

2-0 Rovers.

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No doubt in my mind Watford will be fully up for this game,

I personally don't think Watford will be up for this at all. Everyone connected with the club, the players, manager and fans, know they are relegated. Simple as. I don't think they're going to come fighting for their lives as Charlton will be doing. Sure they've played well at home recently but thats with their own fans spurring them on.

Providing Sunday hasn't left us completely gone both physically and mentally we'll win on Wednesday, of that I'm pretty confident. However I would make some changes to the side to freshen them up.

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