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[Archived] Berg sacked


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Good luck Henning. Great player for us in both stints with the club. Sadly not the manager we needed..

Berg would have wanted to have spent money in the window and with no manager in place the owners have a ready made excuse not to enter the transfer market, so I would not be surprised with those idiots to see us reach the end of the window before a replacement is announced.

I know this seems far fetched, but anything is possible with these goons in charge. Even appointing Hendry would fit right in with their policy of sticking two fingers up to the fans.

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Right decision, doubtless for the wrong reasons.

Can't see Hughes returning. In fact UI can't see any manager worth their salt wanting to take the job.

Very strange that Hendry went into the reserves not long ago, thereby making himself bomb-proof.

My money's on Singh as caretaker manager. The hypothesis is that he's saved his skin with some bS anhas said that he can do better,

im serioulsy concerned about this too. Singh seems like a person who´d love to be a manager.

where is the idea about removing balck coming from.? the article clearly says, that black will be in charge for the time being, well that is if this article is to be believed.

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Might be true, deal might have been struck days ago............then Forrest got wind of it.................:-0

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