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Bradley Dack

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15 hours ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

Wigan fans singing who the @#/? is Bradley Dack 

Well he is the league 1 player of the year ye stupid @#/?s 

They acting like winning League 1 is the PL title or something. Promotion is all that matters, what order it is in I could give a flying fck.

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On Dack, who has scored 18 goals this season, Mowbray said: “He’s got a grade two hamstring strain which is probably four to six weeks (out).

“That’s probably about as long as he will get off before he’s back pre-season training.

That will be managed through the summer which light-heartedly let’s say it might not be a bad thing from my point of view that we have half an eye on Bradley throughout the summer.


i.e. keep off the sauce!

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18 minutes ago, blueboy3333 said:


Some of his goals for Gillingham were superb. Credit to Mowbray for taking the plunge. He must be worth £5m+ now.

In todays crazy prices i wouldn't take anything less than £ 10 million.

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Those magazines are absolute rags. The picture they have of her was probably taken around 3 years ago when she didn't even know him. She obviously knows his past, yet they are still together. 

While he is with her though, he will constantly used as tabloid fodder 

Hopefully something major doesn't kick off next season, if we are around the play-offs near the end of season for example



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Girls like her are worrying news for any football fan. Can bet your last quid if some club comes in offering 5k+ more a week she will be in his ear telling him to take it rather than stay put and work for a club that adores him.

Quicker she gets offered another reality role and has another fling-for-cash with some other talentless dope the quicker Dack can get himself a proper girl.

Decent rack though.

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Just now, Bigdoggsteel said:

It's not the money that worries me, it's location. If a London club comes in for him, she will def be in his ear. Such a move for him would be a recipe for disaster. David Bentley times 100

He does have a whiff of the bentleys about him

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