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Are Rovers being sold?

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8 minutes ago, OldEwoodBlue said:

reply from Rich Sharpe


Someone just sent it me on Twitter.


From reading that (and the other articles on the site), looks absolute nonsense. References two other stories which when followed through, make no mention to Rovers. Will put a call in just to make doubly sure though.






If read correctly ,the other stories that it refers to are regarding Leeds, and they say that deal is now dead before going on to the Rovers bit of the story.

Agree it is nonsense though looking at the rest of the site, Venky's won't sell anyway with all their commitment, and success just around the corner and finally an end to the quest to make us India's Premier League team

EDIT: The website the article is on was registered on the 26th of Feb this year and their facebook (2017) as 110 followers.


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As much as this would be amazing, it's probably either:

i) A story to try and put pressure on Leeds to sell

ii) A story literally made up from nowhere to get a site which nobody has heard of a bit of attention. 

Having said all that, Nixon reckons that there's nothing in it, so expect the Quataris at Ewood holding Rovers scarves aloft within the month. 

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Only thing that made me think there could be something in it, is the fact that PSG have recently set up training camps in blackburn and are doing so on a weekly basis. Probably just a coincidence.

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Unfortunately we could have Qatar, Saudi Arabia and China competing to buy us and Venkys would probably refuse to even pick up the phone. We're in the triple lock of being dependent on external funding, being owned by idiots but also the sort of idiots who can afford it and won't entertain selling.

All the while rival Championship clubs get bought up by foreign owners and many fans try to convince themselves nobody would be interested in Rovers and Venkys are the best we can hope for.

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