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Bradley Johnson Signs.

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Just now, Tom said:

Happy with that, probably be first choice and certainly ahead of Evans and Smallwood

You won't be happy when he starts as right side defensive midfielder or wide left attacker when Evans and smallwod start in the middle after impressing in Austria :)

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Rated him a while back at Norwich, haven't seen much of him since, hopefully we can get a good year or two out of him.

Davenport looked decent when he grew into the game v Swansea on the final day, and that was his first league game for a year. So Travis, Davenport and Johnson as our main three CMs sounds good, Evans will probably stay so he can be fourth choice......you'd imagine Smallwood will leave.

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Just now, Sparks Rover said:

Imagine if they were in their prime.


Johnson, Rodwell and Downing in midfield.....as it is, looks like a final pension for the old boys club.

Rodwell isn't our player.

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Really happy with this signing, tbh.

Bit harsh for anyone to call him a pensioner, he's 32 and played regularly for a team that reached the play off final last season. He also played the full match. 


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Going off his unveiling he is a bit of a character. The pictures on instagram make a change form the usual generic stuff. Both thumbs up, pointing at the crest, big smiles and a kiss from Benno. 

It will be good having someone with a bit of personality in the middle. Too many times last season lads were walking around with their heads down saying nothing when we needed someone to step up. 

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29 minutes ago, Mattyblue said:

Cockney wide boy type. Wonder if he’ll get on with our resident one?

I actually immediately thought... "him and Dack could be trouble"... I can see them two rat arsed on the streets of Manchester already. 

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